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    How to Make a Good Online Questionnaire

    To make a good online questionnaire is the basis for obtaining reliable information from targeted audiences. With the appropriate selection of questions to be included, participants in surveys by means of online questionnaires are invited to share their opinions on topics related to products and services of specific companies and help these companies to establish realistically the extent of satisfaction of their customers, as well as the particular areas where problems arise and actions should be taken to introduce improvement in order to enhance the overall quality of servicing customers.

    The most important principle to make good online questionnaire is to narrow down the topic and focus on a smaller scope in order to obtain concrete information. That information can provide means to establish the picture of respondents’ opinions, preferences and overall knowledge regarding the specific company and its products.

    So the first details that should be identified for the basis of a good online questionnaire include identifying the sample group to be targeted, and the objective of the questionnaire, for example measuring customers’ satisfaction with a specific product or service. For the purpose, the questions formulated should be specific, closely related to the topic covered.

    Another important detail that should be considered in order to make an efficient plan for a good online questionnaire to estimate how many respondents should take part and answer the questions. Naturally, the greater the number of respondents, the more reliable and insightful the results obtained.

    Prior to starting to formulate the questions for a good online questionnaire, an introduction should be drawn up. An appropriate introduction is especially important, as it delivers a brief summary which explains the reason for the questionnaire. The introduction is also a good place to include instructions on how to complete the questionnaire, which will facilitate the people who have decided to complete it.

    The questions themselves should be clear and straightforward. In this way misunderstandings and misinterpretations will be avoided. As for the answers, they are typically provided as choices in a multiple choice questionnaire. The multiple choice type is appropriate to make a good online questionnaire as it facilitates the calculation and summing up of the results.

    A questionnaire to be completed online should not be too long, and the rule of thumb is to keep it to one page. Online users from targeted groups who decide to complete questionnaires regarding companies’ services and products tend to lose interest with questionnaires more than one page long.

    To be certain that an online survey has truly been achieved, people who create them should first check them for any typos or errors, as they have a negative impact on respondents. Inviting someone else to read the questionnaire and suggest ways of improving and editing it can also contribute for the good final result. Another manner of testing the ready questionnaire before launching it online is to offer it to several people to complete it to see if it really offers efficiency in terms of the information filled in.

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    Benefits of Creating an Online Questionnaire

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