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How to Get Started With Your Online Survey

Using surveys is a fantastic way of measuring a whole host of different issues. However, it isn’t as easy as just asking some questions. How to get started with your online survey is all about figuring out what you want to know, who you want to ask and how you are going to ask it. Let’s take a look at how to get started with your online survey.

1. What do you want to know

Why are you running an online questionnaire? Do you want to know how engaged your employees are? Are you trying to determine whether an event was successful? Would you like your customers to tell you how happy they are with your product, your organisation, your service or anything else? These are but a few of the available options.

2. Once you know this part of how to get started with your online survey, you need to decide who you want to respond to your questions. Sometimes, this is very easy. Within a business, for instance, you may only want to ask your employees, perhaps even only those of a specific level of seniority, or those in a set team. However, if you want to speak to thousands of people across the globe, it becomes a lot more complicated, not in the least because you will need to consider demographics.

3. Last but not least, knowing how to get started with your online survey is about designing the questions. They have to be well formulated and relevant. You must ensure you don’t accidentally ask two questions in one. You have to proofread your questionnaire for errors and you have to check you don’t ask the same question multiple times. The entire survey has to flow, so people understand why you ask each of the separate questions.

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