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How to boost performance through Employee Surveys

A happy, engaged workforce is the backbone of a successful business. By gathering real-time feedback via employee surveys and monitoring progress, you can measure employee engagement and gather real insight to improve your company performance & culture. Find out how to give your employees a voice that will help you drive positive change…

Well-constructed online employee surveys can help an organisation benefit by facilitating two-way communication, which in turn will improve employee engagement. The best surveys provide actionable data that allow you to implement changes over time and continue to improve employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Employee Surveys to your business

According to a Harvard Business Review article, there is 'Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive' and ‘that a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line’.

Employee engagement surveys can enable staff to have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and in turn, provide a sound basis for improvement and development. Quick polls and pulse surveys can be used to assess and improve internal communications, manage change and assess team events. Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be used to assess training needs and help strengthen company culture, leading to increased job satisfaction amongst employees.

By gathering real-time feedback via employee surveys and monitoring progress, you can measure employee engagement and gather real insight to improve your company performance & culture. Enhance performance and engagement with employee surveys

Questions to ask before designing employee surveys

  • What do you want to discover by undertaking a survey?
  • What questions should you ask to uncover what you need to know?
  • How will you analyse the results and make recommendations?

By making employee surveys anonymous, you encourage honest feedback. Your staff can give you sincere answers about rules and procedures used by the company without fear of retribution. Honest staff feedback can be of enormous benefit to an organisation no matter what the employee’s position in the company or how long they have worked there.

We have identified some compelling reasons to conduct employee surveys:

Engage Your Workforce

Get the real inside story from your employees to drive effective change and improvement across your business.

  • Discover the level of employee engagement in your teams
  • Gain deep dive insight with specific survey themes
  • Give your employees a real say in the future of their business
  • Find out what it is really like to work in your business from your people

Retain Talent

Build trust and commitment amongst your employees to drive down employee turnover.

  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis to gauge employee development needs
  • Carry out onboarding and exit interview research
  • Action real time pulse surveys to track specific actions or themes throughout the year
  • Get feedback on employee reward and recognition programmes

Understand Your Staff

Gather incisive feedback to increase levels of advocacy, encourage innovation and drive action.

  • Gather information with 360 and 180 feedback surveys
  • Customise your questions with skip logic features to get relevant and concise data
  • Understand how your employees really feel with guaranteed confidential surveys
  • Gather insight to update your short, medium and long term people strategies

Loyal and engaged employees will contribute to creating a healthy work environment which, in turn, will contribute positively to the bottom line! By carrying out employee surveys you are well on the way to increasing job satisfaction and employee engagement in your organisation.

Measure Employee Engagement

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