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    Travel Industry Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    The hospitality and travel industry rely mainly on customer satisfaction reviews and reputation for securing business. With the growth of social media and online communities, consumers will quite readily provide negative feedback via forums, websites or personal accounts. In contrast, happy customers tend not to provide positive feedback as frequently but simply become repeat customers.

    Keeping your customers happy is of paramount importance and can be achieved by gathering feedback, understanding their needs and giving them the experience they expect. Negative feedback can also be managed by an in-house customer service policy. Again, this is based on directly listening to and reacting proactively to their views.

    The Travel Industry can benefit from using Customer Satisfaction Surveys to gather insight to improve customer service. Travel Industry Customer Sastisfaction Surveys

    Hospitality and Travel Industry Feedback

    Following their hospitality or travel experience you may send customers an online survey in order to gather direct feedback and understand first-hand how they rated their experience. Using an online survey, you can use advanced features to edit the questions in order to receive targeted responses. It is recommended to use software providers that allow you to use Rich Media so that photos can be shared.

    Survey Holiday Excursions

    Excursions are a great way to increase revenue in the hospitality and travel industry, so don’t miss the opportunity to maximise this revenue stream. Gathering feedback directly from the customers who go on excursions does mean that you can get a first-hand account of their experience. You can distribute the survey via SMS immediately following the excursion, instantly reaching your target audience whilst the experience is fresh in their minds. Alternatively the excursion operator could gather feedback via an offline survey if no internet connection is available.

    Feedback for Improved Promotions

    Knowing what your customers want should be high on your list of priorities. This information will allow you to send targeted promotions based on previous buying behaviour. Using advanced online survey software provides you with the opportunity to find out consumer preferences, whether it is discounted flights, room upgrades or increased luggage allowances.

    Increase Customer Loyalty

    Your customers want to know that you care, that is the first step to building long term relationships. They also want a service that provides them with everything they need. Using information gathered from the results of online surveys means you can adapt your products and services to suit their needs.

    Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Acquiring new customers is expensive, customer retention strategy is therefore very important. Using online surveys can help you get to know your audience better and use their feedback to shape future packages, identify poor service issues and weaknesses in your own business. Understanding who your business advocates are will enable you to keep these people engaged with offers that relate directly to their needs.

    Improve your Online Services

    The majority of hotel and holiday booking are made online, with a high percentage of search originating on a mobile phone. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we do business forever, reinventing the way we can reach and engage with customers. You can now distribute a hospitality and travel industry survey via SMS to a mobile phone. Make sure you use a survey provider that offer mobile responsive surveys that automatically adapt across a range of screen sizes and devices.

    Review on the Move

    Modern day travellers will take their mobile phone with them wherever they go. The mobile phone has become an essential way to stay in touch during holidays, share photos and search for local bars, restaurant and activities at various destinations. Smart phones and tablets have opened up huge opportunities for travel companies to communicate with customer whilst they are on the go. Communicating effectively via mobile is the key to creating and maintaining happy customers. Sending short, concise and relevant mobile responsive surveys is now an important tool to give travel agents, hoteliers and tour operator’s valuable customer insight.

    SmartSurvey’s advanced survey software has numerous features to assist with marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more about how we can help, get in touch with our friendly support team.

    Increase insight & make informed decisions

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