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    Gather Valuable Data with Customer Feedback Questionnaires

    Never underestimate the value of customer feedback questionnaires. These questionnaires can provide you with all the information you need in terms of providing a fantastic service, an amazing product and outstanding customer liaison. Best of all, customer surveys data can even help you to improve your levels of employee engagement, as it shows your staff where they shine and where there are areas for improvement. Any changes that are made as a result of a customer feedback questionnaire are then owned and there is clear accountability. This is very different from yet another management or HR buzzword.

    The most important thing about customer feedback questionnaires is that it allows you to speak to all of your customers, either in a general way or on specific issues. Perhaps you have recently launched a new product, opened a new store, created a webpage or had an issue such as a product recall. Through customer questionnaires data, you can adequately measure whether things have gone right or whether they could be even better, as well as telling you how things could be better.

    Best of all, you can run customer feedback questionnaires multiple times. Say you have run a survey and the customer questionnaires data told you that you had to improve your reception facilities. Once you have implemented changes, you can run the same customer feedback questionnaires, perhaps tweaked with some additional questions on the new reception desk, and truly measure whether or not you have improved. This way, you can immediately determine whether or not you are on the right path for continuous improvement and you also show to your customers that their opinions are valued, respected and truly listened to. This will then give them the confidence to reply to further online surveys, particularly if you also provide them with incentives.

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