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Four Features Your Survey Should Have

If you desire a successful survey in which participants will actually answer the questions, so you can receive relevant information to provide better services or to learn of issues with your products then you need to know what type of features will keep participants involved in the survey. The four online survey features that work the best include design, variety of questions, save and continue option, and the comment box. Providing the best online survey features will ensure your participants answer all the questions instead of becoming bored and leaving.


One of the most important online survey features that you must have is an appealing design. No one really wants to use a survey program that is ugly, hard to use, or just is not appealing to the eye. Your survey should have pictures and a few colors in order to keep your participants interested in the survey. The way in which the survey works should be easy to use instead of participants trying to figure out how to get to the next page. Boring pages and hard to use pages will have your participants not finishing the survey which will not help you get the best results.

Variety of questions

Mix it up with question types. Use multi choice with other option, ones the participants can answer by typing in their answers, and if applicable use rating questions. This is great if you want to learn what features of a product or service your customers prefer so you can learn what is really important to your clients. There are many different question types that you can incorporate into your survey. Be sure that you include this in your online survey features to keep your participants interested and answering questions.

Save and continue

Another one of the great online survey features that most people want to see on a survey is the save and continue feature. This way your participants will be able to stop when needed and come back to the same spot and continue answering the questions. Too many times, participants may be interrupted while taking your survey and need to stop. They could be taking the survey while the kids are taking a nap and the baby wakes up, someone could come to the door, or the phone may ring. Allowing your participants the opportunity to stop, save, and come back at their convenience will ensure you have a successful online survey.

Comment box

There are many different places you can add a comment box to your online survey. This is another one of the online survey features that most people love to see. The reason is that many times, even if they can answer the question with a yes or no answer it allows your participants the opportunity to expound on their answers. You can place comment boxes at different locations throughout your survey. The box should be optional, providing your participants to provide an in-depth explanation or even near the end of the survey so they can leave their own comments on other factors that may be pertinent but were not covered in your survey.


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