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    Online Surveys, a Brief Introduction

    Obtaining information online is a staple for modern people, and online surveys are a staple for modern companies. There are a variety of online survey types which are employed by companies to learn the opinions of their customers and their employees. Obtaining feedback via online surveys is crucial for the maintenance of high standards of production and services.

    The requirements of the online market induce all companies to strive to keep ahead of competition. An online questionnaire should be structured like competitions. For example, when they are sent via emails, they should be preceded by email invitations to recipients asking them to take part and contribute their opinions. The promise of a prize that respondents could win is often included in online surveys. Prizes can range from discount purchase coupons to free meal vouchers etc.

    An important rule which helps to obtain better response rates for online surveys is not to send all survey invitations at once. The reason for that is that starting with a smaller audience of respondents might yield information about some developing issues, for example when respondents indicate where they learned about a specific company product. Nowadays most people gen their information online, so it is highly likely all the responses would point out the web as the source. If that answer is included in the survey together with other answers, such as newspapers, etc., then the answers should be changed to include different search engines as the tools used to search for the product.

    The next rule for the success of online surveys is to keep them short. Filling in short surveys is much more likely to yield high response rates, rather than lengthy surveys which often discourage respondents from completing them to the end.

    Branding surveys sent via email messages with appropriately themed images is another winning policy. Images from the company website are great to include in surveys sent via such messages.

    Surveys which are offered online can not only be found on company websites, but also sent via email as part of email marketing campaigns, or they can be offered to current and potential customers on social networking sites. All areas of the online space can be used to invite respondents to surveys on products and services who can fill such surveys at their own convenience and thus contribute suggestions and ideas that companies should use to maintain the quality of their business and enhance it and develop new sectors whenever and wherever needed.

    Nowadays all companies take advantage of online surveys as part of their communication with customers. They offer surveys in spaces where customers often spend their time, and social media is expanding into popularity as yet another sector where online surveys can be implemented. The promptness of results obtained is yet another benefit for companies to learn the extent of satisfaction of their customers within short terms. Used with customisable templates, branded online surveys once more draw the attention to companies and to their need to rely on their customers’ opinions.

    Customise Your Survey Themes for Better Response Rates
    How Your Survey Design Affects Feedback

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    Phil Cleave

    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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