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    Feature Spotlight - Email Triggers

    At SmartSurvey, we are focused on delivering advanced features, such as Email Triggers, to help you and your team conduct effective research. If you have visited our website in the last 12 months, you have probably seen some big changes. If not we thought you might like to hear about some of the new features we have been busy working on in order to deliver a great customer experience.

    Email Triggers

    This feature, allows you to create automated email notifications which are triggered once someone completes your survey/form. You can send these automated emails to your respondents and/or to your colleagues who need to be notified every time a response is received.

    Benefits of Email Triggers

    By adding Email Triggers to your survey, you can send automated emails to your respondents, and other selected recipients, once a survey has been completed. This feature has a multitude of valuable uses that can benefit marketing and sales programmes and enhance the customer or employee feedback process. Automated communications are the way forward as they increase relevancy and improve user engagement. It’s a well-known fact that open rates are much higher with triggered emails, as messages based on user behaviour inevitably hit that ‘sweet spot’.

    Here are some ideas of smart uses for Triggered Emails to incorporate into your plans:

    • Trigger: Automated Welcome Email – educate new users on completion of your survey
    • Trigger: Re-engagement Email – personalise your message with a clear call to action
    • Trigger: Download an Offer – send a link to encourage people to visit your website
    • Trigger: Deliver outcomes - provide respondents specific outcomes based on their response
    • Trigger: Thank You Email – send a personalised thank you and invite customers to send feedback

    Why should you use Email Triggers?

    Online surveys are a great way to reach and engage with your target audience. You can conduct market research at a fraction of the usual cost, getting real-time responses fast. Email Triggers provide you with an additional powerful tool to engage with consumers during the awareness, consideration and purchase phases of the customer journey. Personalised messages can improve response rates and can have added value as they are timely and relevant.

    Some of the successful uses of Email Triggers that we have seen so far are:

    1. Sales Enquiries – Send an Email on completion of your survey, requesting respondents fill out a sales enquiry form for further information on certain products or services.

    2. Market Research – Offer some form of related freebie, such as a helpful eBook or discount code. Test the type of content that leads to the highest open rate or click-throughs. Triggered Emails can be effective at turning sign-ups into devotees.

    3. Customer Feedback – Trigger an email to promote a new product, publicise an upcoming event or to send respondents details of events that they have signed up for. You can even set up an email to be triggered by piping from a variable, such as sending a money-off voucher when customers login to purchase from your website. Email Triggers can also help you keep abreast of customer complaints as you can make sure they are sent to the right person to deal with.

    4. Employee FeedbackEmployee satisfaction surveys are carried out by thousands of organisations worldwide and can contribute to an improved working environment if responses are followed up on. Triggered Emails, sent back to the employee with PDFs of the feedback attached, can help employees focus on areas of improvement and development. This form of proactive communication sends a message to the employees, who have filled out the survey that their opinion has been noted and will be taken into consideration.

    How do I setup Email Triggers?

    1. Login to your account and click on ‘My Surveys’ in the top toolbar
    2. Click on the survey you wish to apply the Email Trigger to
    3. Hover over Options and click on ‘Email Triggers’.
    4. Click ‘Add Email Trigger’.
    5. When setting up an Email Trigger, you can specify the From Name, From Email, To Email, Subject, and Body.

    • From Name - This is the display name that the email will be sent from
    • From Email - This is the email address that the email will be sent from
    • To Email - This is the email address of the recipient who needs to receive the email

    To set up the Email Trigger to send an email to the respondent of the survey, click ‘Insert piping’ and select Email Address. (This only applies to surveys that have already been sent out to a specified contact list. If you have a question within your survey that asks for the respondent's email address instead, then insert the piping code for that question.

    • Subject - This is the subject line that will be displayed in the email
    • Body - This is the personalised message that will be displayed in the email.

    You can automatically populate the subject line and email message by piping specific information from your survey, custom variables, or contact lists. Click ‘Insert piping’ to add piping to your email.

    • Send Response - Enable this feature if you would like the triggered email to include the survey response as a PDF attachment.

    6. When you have finished setting up your email, click ‘Save Email Trigger’.

    To add multiple triggers to other questions in your survey, simply repeat the previous steps. Email Triggers that have been created will automatically activate when any respondent completes the survey.

    To learn more about how email triggers can benefit you, please contact our team.

    Additional advanced features are available with a SmartSurvey account. Here are details of a couple more that can benefit you in the collection and reporting of data to give you valuable insight.

    Secure File Upload

    Respondents can upload files, along with their survey response, giving you the ability to collect information in addition to the questions delivered via your survey. This can be information such as photographs, PDFs and a selection of video and audio files. File Upload is of great benefit to collect rich data but don’t forget to highlight that this feature is only suitable to upload non-confidential information.

    How do I set it up?

    1. On My Surveys page, click Design next to the survey you wish to add
    2. Click ‘Add Question Here’ where you would like to insert the question
    3. Enter your question text and select ‘File Upload’ from the Question Type drop-down menu.
    4. Use the File Upload Options to control the file size, number of files and the types of file that can be uploaded.
    5. Click ‘Add Question’ to add the question to your survey.
    6. Now, when a respondent answers your survey, they will be able to upload a file as part of their response.
    7. You can download the attached file by accessing the ‘Responses section’ of the survey results.

    Export Scheduler

    Set up a schedule to export your results on a recurring basis. You can run exports daily, weekly, monthly or just on a one-off basis. This can then be sent to multiple email addresses of your choice to make your reports fully automated. This streamlined approach to reporting will make sure you always have the data you need on hand.

    How do I set it up?

    1. On ‘My Surveys’ page, click on ‘Results’ next to your survey.
    2. Click on ‘Export’ in the Results toolbar
    3. Select your ‘Report Type’ from the drop-down menu.
    4. Apply any additional features to your CSV or Excel report.
    5. In the Scheduler section, select your preferred ‘Frequency’.
    6. Apply a Start Date and Start Time to begin exporting the schedules.
    7. Set the Recurrence and Re-run frequency.
    8. Click ‘Schedule Export’ to confirm your settings.
    9. You can view your ‘Scheduled Reports’ below the list of Latest Reports.

    Creating a cost-effective online survey in order to collect quality data involves careful planning and design. Our advanced survey features will help you capture the information you need to make informed decisions. If you would like further information about how Email Triggers, or any of our advanced survey software can benefit your organisation, get in touch with our knowledgeable support team. Simply visit our Contact Page or call us on 0800 0937 822.

    Learn more about these features

    Request a demo from one of our friendly team members or contact us on 0800 0937 822.


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