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Eliminate Survey Bias with Skip Logic

By using Skip Logic in your surveys, you will have the opportunity to eliminate survey bias as much as possible. Through Skip Logic Surveys, your respondents will be sent to questions or pages that are relevant to them, based on the replies they have given to other questions. It comes with a range of features all designed to ensure you avoid survey bias as much as possible.

There are a few things to bear in mind, however. Firstly, the relationship between the questions must be one to one so as to avoid survey bias.

It is designed to force a respondent to skip certain questions so that they don’t reply to things that don’t concern them – based on previous answers – thereby removing survey bias. Skip Logic makes sure that they go to the right question, thereby not skewing the results It is even possible to make a respondent skip an entire page of questions.

Before you start working on your online questionnaire, you should consider how you can apply Skip Logic. Think about which questions could lead to survey bias if they are answered at the wrong time. Make a visual map if you prefer those types of reminders, so that there is a clear pathway between the various questions. Many people like to use arrows, or “if… then” pathways, which makes it far clearer what sort of questions within the survey people do and do not need to answer in order for the data to be accurate.

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