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    Customise Your Survey Themes for Better Response Rates

    In modern surveys, which are prime tools for learning customers’ opinions and attitudes, the design of questions and the selection of custom survey themes to pave the way for better response rates. Well designed custom themes included in surveys fit well with specific products or brands, and the responses by people taking surveys are very well directed by the creation of the necessary ambience.

    Nowadays themes are a feature of design which lends attractiveness and specificity to a number of products. Custom online questionnaire themes are especially suitable for surveys, as they add a new appeal to the set of questions by engaging respondents not only to read and answer but also delight in the custom design of the specific survey theme.

    Pre-formatted custom survey themes are vastly available. They can be conveniently edited afterwards, in conformity with the current needs and preferences. Theme editors enable authors and teams engaged in the preparation of surveys to change elements such as colours, fonts, design elements sizes, etc. The changes introduced can be saved as new custom survey themes which are ready for use whenever they prove to be suitable for future surveys, or they can also be edited further to create more appropriate survey themes in conformity with new surveys designed.

    To understand the versatility and the vast grounds for the deployment of preferences and design of custom survey themes, it will suffice to list a few of the most common elements of surveys which can be edited in the suitable manner to conform to the brand image of the specific company launching the survey. Page titles and page descriptions, question headings and question choices, progress bars and exit links are just a few of the online surveys page elements that can be altered and modified to suit specific survey theme purposes.

    As mentioned above, changing fonts is a staple for custom survey themes offered as ready products which can be edited to vary according to new survey themes. A frequent need is the need to change the font effects of individual words, of whole phrases, or if necessary of whole questions. Such words, phrases, questions, etc. can be made bold, italic, or highlighted according to the designers’ preferences and if there is the need to make words or phrases to stand out immediately.

    Online survey authors and designers who work on new custom survey themes to save them online in their accounts with specific websites should be aware that if they copy surveys into different accounts, themes are not transferred and have to be recreated again in the accounts to which they have been transferred.

    To personalise custom online questionnaire themes with company logos or banners, survey authors and designers should upload such logos or banners, and they automatically appear at the top of each survey page.
    Finally, the vast online market abounds in custom survey themes which offer a profusion of designs, colours and combinations, and can efficiently serve a lot of company survey purposes, without any need for further customisation.

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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