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    Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Importance and Structure

    Customer satisfaction surveys are indispensable for modern business, as they help companies to learn customers’ opinions of their products and services and identify areas of success as well as areas where improvements are mandatory. With the convenience of customer satisfaction questionnaires offered for completion on the web, they represent an end to end solution for the regular tracking of customer satisfaction and improving business.

    Including the appropriate questions is paramount for the success of surveys asking for customer satisfaction. Companies wishing to offer such surveys to customers should start by identifying the goals they would like to achieve with their surveys, the areas of service they would like customers to comment on. Here the role of front-line employees is crucial, as they deal with customers on a daily basis and know what fields give rise to concern for them with respect to the company’s products or services.

    The first part of customer satisfaction survey typically includes general questions about the company, followed by specific questions addressing specific business areas. The factors that are measured in surveys of customer satisfaction typically include the promptness of service delivered, the responsiveness of the servicing staff, and the empathy with customers’ problems. These are the main factors that lie in the basis of building the success and dimensions of modern businesses, and they are staples to be included and assessed in customer satisfaction surveys.

    Follow-up questions should be asked when respondents rate areas as good or bad rather than giving a neutral opinion, to find out the reasons for approval or disapproval. The final section of customer satisfaction questionnaire should include questions related to customers’ demographics, to form a picture of customers standing behind different types of answers: this is important to help identify how different customer groups rate different areas and aspects.

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