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    Customer Feedback Surveys

    How well is your customer support team doing? How great is your customer service? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if you are meeting customer expectations with your products and services? Surveys are really the best way to find this out. By distributing online customer feedback questions you can measure the quality of your support, improve areas in which your team is struggling, and help ensure customer satisfaction at every point of contact with your business. Read on for some helpful tips on tips on creating Customer Feedback Surveys…

    Why use Customer Feedback Surveys?

    Customer service feedback helps organisations gather valuable information to make informed business decisions.  By collecting feedback, you can identify any roadblocks that will prevent a customer making a repeat purchase.

    Your customers are a valuable resource to provide expert opinion, as satisfied customers are much less likely to buy from your competitors. Coupled with the fact that generally, the costs of acquiring a new customer are higher than the cost of selling to an existing one, makes customer research is a wise investment to make!

    Give your team the survey tools to find out how great your customer service is and how loyal your customers are.

    Online surveys can help you reach your customers easily, analyse their responses and produce professional reports that will empower you to make smart decisions.

    The Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) question can easily be added to your questionnaires. NPS is an easy to understand management tool, used to gauge consumer loyalty and determine how happy customers are. It appears as one of the standard question types in the drop-down when creating a new question for your survey. A couple of clicks is all it takes, and you’re done. Calculation of your NPS is easy, as we can do it for you!

    Read our blog on Net Promoter Score

    Benefits of using Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    • Gauge repurchase intent and levels of customer loyalty: Calculate your Net Promoter Score to identify issues that can then be addressed with the aim of reducing the number of ‘Detractors’ and creating more ‘Promoters’.
    • Increase customer lifetime value: By meeting customer needs and creating brand loyalty, you will encourage repeat purchases and the trial of new products. Great customer service will keep your customers returning; make sure you know what makes them happy!
    • Attract new customers: Customer satisfaction is viewed as a key indicator for business success and a vital element of strategic planning. Research shows most consumers believe word-of-mouth recommendations. Find out what motivates your satisfied customers and make it easy for them to share this information.
    • Reduce customer churn: Increasing customer satisfaction will reduce churn. Start by measuring expectations with a customer satisfaction survey, then follow through by delivering the experience they want and expect.

    Build trust with Online Surveys

    Relevant feedback will help you win and retain customers. A focus on customer satisfaction usually results in repeat trade and positive referrals. Tech-savvy consumers these days have easy access to online research and communication channels, meaning they are well-informed shoppers. By gathering relevant, timely feedback you can stay one step ahead of the competition and provide your customers with what they want!

    By interacting regularly via online customer surveys, you are providing the opportunity to build trust and loyalty. By showing an interest in what they like, dislike and how things can be improved, you show that you value their opinion.

    Examples of Customer Feedback Surveys

    Here are some examples of the benefits of customer feedback surveys and useful ways to use them:

    Product/Service satisfaction and feedback

    By using product satisfaction and feedback surveys, you can evaluate important feedback from customers who have recently purchased your products. Did they receive the service they wanted? Did they find all the information on the product they needed? Would they repurchase or recommend you to a friend?

    Customer service feedback surveys

    Conduct short online customer service feedback surveys to find out what your customers thought about their recent experiences. Find out if they thought the customer service was exceptional or if anything disappointed them that can be changed.

    Customer retention and loyalty

    With customer acquisition costs outweighing retention costs, businesses need to be proactive in satisfying customers. Build trust by listening to your most valuable customers and ask them what they want. Customer loyalty surveys are a powerful tool to make sure you are satisfying customer needs.

    Product research surveys

    Identify the opportunity to extend product lines or enter new markets. Research the market to understand needs and what customers want. Ask for customer feedback on their current experience, what is missing and what they would like to see.  The key to successful diversification is planning and good planning starts with research.

    Communicating with customers

    Communication is the key for great customer relationships! Make it a priority to find out who are your most loyal customers and find out what it is they like about you. On the flip side of the coin, find out what you could be doing better and what would delight and retain customers. Customer feedback forms also offer a great opportunity to re-engage with customers who you haven’t heard from for a while.

    Market research

    Nurturing customer advocacy can be done in a few simple steps. A good place to start is to assess your customer’s needs and identify their desired experience. The key to happy customers is to delight them by giving them something they didn’t expect! By sending online surveys you can design, measure and appraise customer loyalty.

    Get in touch with our friendly support team if you have any questions about creating an online survey and keep a look out on our blog for our Quick Start Guide on how easy it is to create a survey.

    Increase insight & make informed decisions

    Create online surveys with our user-friendly yet advanced software.


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    5 Steps to Create Customer Service Surveys

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