Survey Features – Powerful Tools for Your Team

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘Time is Money’! Getting feedback from your customers is essential for businesses looking to make informed decisions. However, many people lead increasingly busy lives!  So we are going to look at how some new, time-saving, survey features will help you get the most out of your online questionnaires.

Ask yourself – how can I engage with my customers in the most time efficient way?

  • Have you ever wanted to collect feedback about a new product?
  • Would you like to know about your customer preferences?

Online surveys are a valuable tool to help you pinpoint consumer desires and to understand their behaviour. But it’s crucial to ask the right questions in order to get results that help you understand your audience better.

At SmartSurvey, we are focused on delivering advanced survey features to help you and your team conduct effective research.  We thought you might like to hear about some of the new features we have been busy working on. (more…)

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Net Promoter® Score – New Question Type on SmartSurvey

We recently rolled out an update to SmartSurvey to add the functionality to quickly create surveys using the Net Promoter Score question.

You can find a more in-depth explanation of what net promoter scores are on our dedicated page, but just to briefly recap, It’s a measure of how happy your customers are with your business, based on the answer to a single question, asking how likely your customers are to recommend you to friends or colleagues, then distilling the responses into a single score between -100 and 100. (more…)

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SmartSurvey New Release 2013


Welcome to our SmartSurvey Blog. Here you can find useful information about SmartSurvey updates, bug fixes and major upcoming releases. This blog also contains very useful survey related articles which you should find useful.

Release Notes

We have been hard at work designing and developing new features on SmartSurvey, we wanted to make your experience much more enjoyable by making it easier and less time consuming when conducting online surveys.

So we have listed below all the major and minor improvements that we have added to the new version of Smart Survey, these are listed in no particular order.

Please note: Some features mentioned below are only available on the Professional and Corporate Accounts and not on the free version. (more…)

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SmartSurvey Beta Information

The SmartSurvey Beta testing has now ended.
Thanks to all those who took part.

A new version of Smart Survey has now been released and is available to all Smart Survey users.

What does it mean to participate in the SmartSurvey Beta?

You will be helping us build an even better SmartSurvey. Naturally we thoroughly test everything we build, but Beta testers often use software in a unique way which best suits them, this opens up potential weak spots which we as developers could have missed. Besides, the more bugs you help us find, the better the new release will be for everyone involved with SmartSurvey.

The good news is you will be part of a carefully selected group that gets to look at the new version before everyone else does. (more…)

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SmartSurvey System Update – April 2012

The following improvements have been made to the SmartSurvey Control Panel:

  • CSV Export Performance has dramatically improved.
  • You can now launch your surveys via Facebook.
  • Added over 10 more Survey Templates.
  • Fixed a bug when adding a question to the Question Library.
  • Fixed a bug importing mailing lists with foreign characters.

We always welcome your feedback about feature suggestions and bugs at SmartSurvey, so please let us know.

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