New Features for Summer 2018

Now the GDPR era is well and truly upon us, we wanted to highlight some of the new features we’ve recently added to SmartSurvey and give you a quick run-down of what they are, why we’ve added them, and how they’ve been implemented.

Two-Factor Authentication

It’s likely you’re familiar with this method of adding an extra layer of security to accounts because more and more companies and services are offering (and in some cases insisting on) it. It requires users wishing to log in to confirm their identity by providing a code supplied by a second, pre-defined device in addition to the usual username and password.
We wanted to ensure that our users were offered this as part of our ongoing commitment to account security, and so this feature is now available to all SmartSurvey users. We’re supporting the popular third-party authorisation apps Google Authenticator and Authy, so any user with a smartphone can make use of this feature, and certainly if your surveys contain personal data, then we recommend that you do.

Users with Enterprise accounts can also set up authentication via SMS text messaging.

For more information on setting up, check out the knowledgebase.

Password Policies

Another feature to improve account security is that Master users of enterprise accounts can now define policies that all the passwords created by users to access that SmartSurvey account need to comply with. While, naturally, we’d like to think that we trust our co-workers not to be creating easily-guessed passwords, it’s good to be able to say to your managers that you know for a fact that they can’t.

To give this feature maximum flexibility, in addition to a simple setup where the master user can simply define that the password must contain at least one special character, number, uppercase or lowercase character, the rules can alternately be defined via regex (short for “Regular Expressions”) patterns. This means that organisations that insist on highly complex passwords can extend that policy to their SmartSurvey account.

In addition to rules on complexity, you can create rules for expiration as well.

Again, you can find a detailed guide on how to use this feature on the knowledgebase.

Dynamic Preview

The surveys that our users create on SmartSurvey has always been dynamic and able to display properly on a variety of devices, but a wise survey creator should always double check that everything is displaying correctly. Previously, doing this meant having a selection of testing devices to hand.
The new preview feature makes such measures unnecessary as you can now instantly switch the survey between PC, tablet, and phone formats, so you can check them all from the comfort of the device where you’re creating the survey.

Looking Forward

We’re constantly working on new features and you shouldn’t have to wait too long before our next release, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas for new features.

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Zapier and SmartSurvey Partner Up

SmartSurvey just got a lot more connected – find out how we have updated our Zapier integration!

SmartSurvey connects with 1,000+ apps on Zapier, including Salesforce, Office 365, Google Sheets, and Hubspot allowing you to automatically send information from survey responses to your other favourite business tools. With the Zapier and SmartSurvey integration, you can gain more insights and make the most of the information you collect.


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Digital Business of the Year winners at the South West FSB Awards

We are proud to announce that SmartSurvey has been named as ‘Digital Business of the Year’ at the ‘Celebrating Small Business Awards’ for the South West, hosted by the Federation of Small Businesses. We were delighted to be present at the final that took place at Somerset County Cricket Club, which was attended by all the finalists from the area.


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SmartSurvey Showcase Software at the British Embassy in Prague

It has been a busy time in the SmartSurvey office! The team were invited to visit the British Embassy in Prague to showcase our products at the British-Czech Smart Data conference. We also attended the Cotswold Life Business Awards lunch to accept an award we won, plus we announced that we were winners in the Corporate Vision 2016 Technology Awards for Best International SaaS Provider 2016 – UK. Phew – all in a week’s work! As you can see we are busy and, therefore, are looking for talented individuals to join our team. Read on to learn more about the opportunities available…


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SmartSurvey New Release 2013


Welcome to our SmartSurvey Blog. Here you can find useful information about SmartSurvey updates, bug fixes and major upcoming releases. This blog also contains very useful survey related articles which you should find useful.

Release Notes

We have been hard at work designing and developing new features on SmartSurvey, we wanted to make your experience much more enjoyable by making it easier and less time consuming when conducting online surveys.

So we have listed below all the major and minor improvements that we have added to the new version of Smart Survey, these are listed in no particular order.

Please note: Some features mentioned below are only available on the Professional and Corporate Accounts and not on the free version. (more…)

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SmartSurvey System Update – April 2012

The following improvements have been made to the SmartSurvey Control Panel:

  • CSV Export Performance has dramatically improved.
  • You can now launch your surveys via Facebook.
  • Added over 10 more Survey Templates.
  • Fixed a bug when adding a question to the Question Library.
  • Fixed a bug importing mailing lists with foreign characters.

We always welcome your feedback about feature suggestions and bugs at SmartSurvey, so please let us know.

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