Alton Towers Delight Visitors by using Customer Surveys to find out What Will Make Them Smile (or Scream)

Alton Towers
Customer Surveys

We spoke with the Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers, to find out how using SmartSurvey helps them improve customer satisfaction. The Resort, operated by Merlin Entertainments, is a theme park, water park, and hotel complex. Read on to find out how customer surveys help to create unique, memorable and rewarding visitor experiences for millions of people… (more…)

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Online Event Surveys – Top Tips for Event Managers

Online Event surveys can provide essential feedback for those organising events. Live events, spanning a range of industries specialising in conferences, seminars, workshops, trade fairs and exhibitions, offer great networking opportunities. With so many new events being added to the calendar, Event Managers must do their best to ensure each meetup, conference, seminar or launch event is the best that it can be. (more…)

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