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    Case Study: Saving Money and Time with SmartSurvey Online Forms

    Our customer, a national utilities provider, runs an industry apprenticeship programme recruiting and training apprentices into many roles across the organisation. Applications for the programme are completed using SmartSurvey Online Forms that enable the efficient and accurate collection of all relevant information required.

    Since its launch, the apprenticeship programme has recruited over 170 apprentices for its nine depots in the south of England and 103 in Scotland. The company has been rewarded by the fact that the programme has a 97% retention rate.

    Online Forms and Surveys Create easy to use web forms and online surveys

    How Online Forms Have Helped

    SmartSurvey’s Online Forms ensures the consistent capture of data as well as the option to upload a range of file types. Once an application form has been submitted, applicants receive an automated response, via email, to thank them for their submission and provide them with important, additional information. The company estimates that, as part of the programme, this process has saved them over £7,500.

    The Challenges They Faced

    Aside from gathering applications for the apprenticeship programme, the company has utilised various, valuable uses for Online Forms throughout the organisation.

    • Competition Entries – The Company is currently running a competition to promote the awareness of carbon monoxide. The use of Online Forms allows entry data to be gathered, files and links uploaded, terms and conditions to be confirmed and consent provided.
    • Employee Engagement Programme - Issued quarterly, the company sends staff online forms in order to collect feedback. Information gathered helps to engage the workforce, retain talent and increase satisfaction levels.
    • Company Events and Training - Online Forms are used to record registrations, gather delegate information and manage preferences for the day, including meal selection. All information is gathered instantly and can be extracted via excel for real-time use.
    • Follow Up - Following an event, it is straight forward and easy to gather information, feedback and assessment by sending out an Online Form to attendees.
    • Stakeholder Feedback – Online Forms are sent out ahead of, and upon completion, of engineering work.

    Benefits of using Online Forms

    ‘The SmartSurvey account is managed by the marketing team, who oversee activity and train other members of staff on how to use it. SmartSurvey is easy to use across the business and requires no technical expertise. Training is provided for the HR Department so that they can carry out the required research, letting us carry out other essential work’. – Digital Development Manager

    The Results

    As a result of using Online Forms, the company has increased the accuracy of the information they collect and saved money by doing away with using paper forms. The digital procedure allows for efficient processing of signing people up for mailing lists and automated lead generations directed to the sales team.

    ‘The customer support team at SmartSurvey are extremely helpful and always on hand to support us. It is nice to speak to intelligent people when needed. They set an exemplary standard that should be used as a benchmark across the industry’.

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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