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    Don’t be late to the mobile party: Benefits of Offline and SMS Surveys

    Some people live by the expression ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’? Life gets increasingly faster and we are constantly on the lookout for efficient ways to get more done during the day.

    Ofcom reports that Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online. This, coupled with the fact that texting is one of the most popular methods of communication, means it makes sense to send your survey invites by SMS. Read on to learn how Offline and SMS surveys can help you reach your consumers on the move ….

    The millennial generation has come of age and is shaping the way we communicate with consumers. The vast majority of adults have access to a smartphone and research shows that they are more likely to respond to SMS than email.

    So don’t be late to the party when it comes to sending your survey invite by SMS or using Offline Surveys to collect data. Make use of all the channels available to you for reaching your target market on the go and here are a few tips why:

    Benefits of SMS Surveys

    1. Increased access – In 2015 Deloitte’s reported that 76% of adults in the UK owned a smartphone with over 32 million phones being purchased annually. Mobile Squared anticipates Smartphones in use, to grow 63.5% to 4.48 billion users by end-2018.
    1. Improved open rates – Figures quoted in the Ofcom Communications Market Report, 2014 suggest there is a 98% open rate for text messages and 32% of recipients respond positively. This is a higher response rate than seen through other more conventional channels, such as email marketing.
    1. Direct route – SMS allows you to reach potential respondents in the field, at the exact moment their opinion is formed.
    1. Integrated channel – Mobile responsive surveys will support a cohesive communication mix, including email or social media.
    1. Increase customer engagement – Enhance your brand with a mobile responsive survey that, when opened, will automatically configure with your respondent’s smartphone or tablet and be easy to complete.
    1. Reduced costs - No added investment is needed and online surveys reduce printing costs.

    SMS surveys SMS surveys


    4G coverage is increasing, with at least one 4G mobile broadband service available to 89.5% of UK premises. As a planet, we are more connected than ever but sometimes you may need to conduct market research where an internet connection isn’t available! Hard to believe, I know, but a lack of connectivity doesn’t have to stop play.

    Offline surveys will give you the ability to continue collecting data at any location. Simply store all responses on your mobile device. Once you're connected to the internet again, download your information. Wouldn’t it delight your team, to be able to provide a seamless way to conduct your research without having to revert back to pen and paper?

    Imagine you are at an event or exhibition and some participants don’t have time to complete your questionnaire there and then. Simply ask them to opt in by providing their mobile phone number and send them the survey invite by SMS, they can complete it at whatever time suits them best. This is just one example of how Offline Surveys can be of benefit. Here are a few more….

    Reasons to use Offline Surveys

    1. No Internet connection – Capture data out in the field, at the point of experience, even without an internet connection. Once you're back at base and connected to the internet again, simply download and merge your information.
    1. Continuous design – Keep surveys consistent by using the same form on your mobile device that you use to send via email.
    1. Interactivity – You will have the respondent’s undivided attention, nothing to distract them whilst you are interviewing them, no emails popping into their inbox or phone calls to distract them.
    1. Improved accuracy – No need to worry about reading respondent’s handwriting! Entering responses on mobile devices ensure answer format is consistent.
    1. Speedy analysis – No waiting for data to be inputted by hand once you return to the office.
    1. Save money – No rekeying time or resource needed.

    Make yourself heard

    Offline and SMS surveys are beneficial for collecting data and should not be left out of your multi-channel strategy for customer engagement. By varying the delivery of your survey, you can maximise the response rate. At SmartSurvey we provide various solutions, if you would like to learn more about how SMS and Offline Surveys can help, please get in touch with our support team. We would be happy to provide you with more information and book a demo to show you how to set up your survey.

    Get started and create your first survey

    Request a demo from one of our friendly team members or call us on 0800 0937 822.


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