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Avoid Spammy Subject Titles When Distributing Email Surveys

When you are sending out a email surveys via social media or email, you must avoid spammy subject titles. With spammy subject titles, your message will go straight to a spam box and will not even be seen by your respondents. In the worst case scenario, your email surveys may even get reported, which could lead to potential problems.

There are three main tips to follow to ensure your email surveys will not end up in someone’s spam inbox or gets reported. These are:

1. Ensure that the “from” address is fully recognisable and a valid address.

2. You must stay away from spammy subject titles. This means that the subject should be just that: an explanation of what to expect in the message. Never write anything in capitals and stay away from expletives such as exclamation points.

3. If at all possible, your message should be plain text, rather than HTML. If, for any reason, you have to use HTML code, it has to be used in the right way.

The most important thing is to avoid truly spammy subject titles. Even if the spam filter, for some reason, would not flag it, your respondents will take one look at it and decide that the rest of the message is of no interest to them. Your goal is to get relevant, honest and plentiful responses for your online questionnaire. Hence, rather than using gimmicky or spammy subject titles, use honest titles yourself. It has to be entirely clear what will be in the message, and you don’t have to real them in with promises of incentives in the subject line. This can be added to the text of your message, where it is far more appropriate. If you include an incentive in the subject title, your readers will immediately assume that the message will be full of things they have no interest in anyway.

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