It’s Christmas Quiz time!


We’ve come up with 10 Christmas-themed questions, covering Movies, Music, Spaceflight (seriously), and more.

So pick up a mince pie, get a cup of tea (or your favourite seasonal tipple), and pit your wits against our content writer, Rich, who is a bit of a well of obscure knowledge. We hope you have as much fun answering the questions as he did compiling it.

If you’ve got some other morsels of festive trivia you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them, so add them to the comments.

Keep an eye on the blog in the next week, as we’ll also be publishing our review of 2018 and letting you know about our Christmas opening hours.

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Introducing The Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a new section of the app where you can find information about some of the other products and services we offer. It’s accessible from the dashboard or from the “Account” menu in the app navigation bar.

We’ve added it because quite often, when we’ve told customers about these options, they’ll say that they never knew that we offered them. So, it seems a good idea to put that information right at the fingertips of our customers.


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We’ve Updated the My Surveys Page

The “My Surveys” page is one of the most important parts of the SmartSurvey App, as it’s a key hub page for each user.

It’s therefore important that this page works as well as it can, which is why we’ve been running a beta test of a new layout over the last few months.

The results of that testing phase have now been rolled out to all users, in the form of a brand new “My Surveys” page, designed to make it even easier and faster for you to manage, sort, and edit your surveys.

Here’s a run-down of how the new page is going to put more control in your hands, allowing you to do more.


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Using Survey Data to Give Context to Analytics

More and more businesses and organisations are using analytics data driven approaches to understand how their customers interact with their products.

Man in a maze with arrows pointing off in various directions
The data gathered from how people use your app is important, but it may not be the full picture.

The capabilities of this new field are wide-ranging, and the applications exciting, to the point where some have suggested that older methods like traditional online surveys are obsolete. This overlooks both the limitations of a machine learning approach and the opportunities for greater understanding that a multi-channel approach offers.


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3 Tips on how to consider Behavioural Economics in your Online Surveys.

What, you may ask, is behavioural economics? And how does it relate to online surveys?

Behavioural economics (BE), in its most simple form, is the study of irrationality in decision-making. Classical economics pre-supposes that people will behave in a rational way when making purchasing or other financial decisions. In the real world, though, we know that this isn’t really true. Everyone is subject to conscious or unconscious biases that affect their decisions, and this can extend to responses to online surveys.


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