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How to Increase Your Online Survey Response Rates

Good response rates to your online surveys are fundamental when researching the opinions, likes and dislikes of your customers. In order to achieve higher survey response rates, there are some factors that you should be aware of. Here we outline some important benefits of well-designed online questionnaires…

10 Tips for Writing Quality Survey Questions

It pretty much goes without saying that quality survey questions are the basis for the success of your online questionnaire. If your objective is to find out the opinions of your customers, then the tactics to achieve that will lie with the creation and distribution of your online survey! We have put together our top 10 tips that will help you design a successful survey to meet your marketing objectives…

Important Mistakes to Avoid in Online Surveys

You are considering distributing online surveys to gather feedback for your business. Therefore, it goes without saying that you will want to ensure you do not make any mistakes in the design or the creation process. It is generally straightforward for respondents to answer surveys that are well-written. The results that you gather will provide insightful data to help you make smart decisions so it's worth spending some time finding out how to design the most effective surveys.

7 Tips to Help You Design an Online Questionnaire

Online surveys are commonly used to find out customers’ opinions, both positive and negative. There are some specific rules that can be used to design an online questionnaire which, if followed, will help you gather useful feedback to provide insight that will enable you to offer products and services that you know your customers want.