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How Online Questionnaires Can Improve Your Business

Online questionnaires have become a vital addition to any B2B and B2C marketing toolkit, helping to achieve significant improvements in business. Surveys enable companies to learn the opinions of their valued customers, an essential requirement for improving the quality of products and services and allowing organisations to drive business forward.

What Is An Online Questionnaire?

An online questionnaire often appears on web pages whilst people are surfing the internet. Nowadays, people are very used to being asked to fill in a questionnaire while they are online, browsing for products or services. It’s generally quick and easy to fill in contact details whilst you are online so that you can be sent relevant material related to what you were searching for. Let’s face it, sending useful information to engaged, targeted customers is a technique that modern day marketers...

5 Top Tips for Creating Safer Online Surveys

February 7 is ‘Safer Internet Day’, celebrated in hundreds of countries worldwide. The day highlights positive uses of technology and encourages everybody to create a better and safer online community, we have some suggestions for creating safer online surveys. To support ‘Safer Internet Day’ we have put together 5 Top Tips for creating safe online surveys.