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Travel Industry Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The hospitality and travel industry rely mainly on customer satisfaction reviews and reputation for securing business. With the growth of social media and online communities, consumers will quite readily provide negative feedback via forums, websites or personal accounts. In contrast, happy customers tend not to provide positive feedback as frequently but simply become repeat customers.

Survey Distribution – The best methods

Survey Distribution – The best methods

Survey distribution tools allow you to easily reach your selected audience, ask a range of questions, analyse data in real-time and make quick, informed decisions. A process that could have taken months, can now be completed in a matter of hours.

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Mobile Responsive Surveys - Connect with your Audience Effectively

Thanks to increased connectivity and a continual development in mobile technology, most consumers now look to their smart phones and tablets to do business, stay social and shop whilst they are on the move. Mobile responsive surveys are fast and effective, have excellent response rates and create a personal interaction between you and your recipient. It is clear that mobile friendly services have a huge part to play in the delivery of online questionnaires and the gathering of data.

6 Tips to Creating Effective Online Surveys

The increase of online services has enabled 24/7 ‘on the go’ access to both businesses and consumers. These additional services present new options for brands to engage with consumers by using effective online surveys and find out what they truly think about their products, services and business. Using effective online surveys is a great way to gauge customers' honest opinions, as well as allowing them to share their own ideas with you anonymously, in a comfortable, secure environment. Online...

No need to worry about the Safe Harbour Ruling with SmartSurvey

Last October saw the Safe Harbour agreement ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice. Now the processing of data between the EU and the US no longer complies with EU data protection directives, meaning companies that previously complied with Safe Harbour can no longer automatically rely on the ruling. Asking the right questions of your hosting provider is vital to ensure you are compliant at every stage of the supply chain.