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What are Likert Scales and How do I Use Them?

Likert scales are used in almost all online surveys, although most people don’t actually know what they are. It is important, however, to not confused Likert scales with Likert items. The items are the actual points on the scale, whereas the scale is the sum total of all the items. So, for instance, if you ask respondents to rate something on a scale of 1 to 5, this is a Likert scale.

The Top 10 Most Common Online Survey Mistakes

There are a number of online survey mistakes that are so common, it makes people wonder why they are still being made. These online survey mistakes are very easy to avoid, so long as you know what to look out for. Let’s take a look. 10 common online survey mistakes 1. Not understanding who your audience is. Too many people think it is simply a case of randomly asking questions, but your data will only be valuable if you know who you have asked it to and why you chose to ask it to them...

Survey Distribution; Social Media Versus Consumer Panels

Social media is becoming so big that market researchers use sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as much as possible. Here are some facts about social media that you may not have been aware of and that will help you see why social media survey distribution is quickly overcoming the benefits of consumer panel survey distribution. There are now almost 1 billion active users on Facebook, more than what there are vehicles in the world. LinkedIn sees two new accounts being created a second. In...

Eliminate Survey Bias with Skip Logic

By using Skip Logic in your surveys, you will have the opportunity to eliminate survey bias as much as possible. Through Skip Logic Surveys, your respondents will be sent to questions or pages that are relevant to them, based on the replies they have given to other questions. It comes with a range of features all designed to ensure you avoid survey bias as much as possible. There are a few things to bear in mind, however.

The Benefits of Survey Optimisation for Mobiles

If you want to run out an online survey, you have to think about survey optimisation for mobile phones. In fact, mobile optimisation is one of the biggest concerns for online processes around the world. Indeed, a lot of work is still done via computer or PC, particularly within the professional world, but people are becoming increasingly mobile, using their smartphones or tablets instead. When you spend time thinking about survey optimisation for mobile phone, you will hugely increase the...

Improve Your Results by Correctly Designing a Survey

If you want to use surveys, designing them properly is of vital importance. This is as important with online survey design. In fact, there are now people who specialise in the field of designing a survey, but there is no need to spend extra money on one of these specialists when you know what to do yourself. There are seven main things to think about. Firstly, your online questionnaire design should focus specifically on what your goals actually are. What do you hope to learn by asking...

Listen to Your Customers Through Online Surveys

There are various online surveys available that allow you to truly understand how your customers feel about the various parts of your operations. By using customer satisfaction surveys, you are able to adequately measure whether your products, prices and business venue is appreciated and suitable, whether any problems are resolved quickly and whether the service received is as expected. And those are but a few of the benefits of using customer satisfaction surveys. Traditionally, these surveys

The Importance of Using Employee Surveys within Small Businesses

If you want to improve staff morale and productivity, you should consider using employee satisfaction surveys for small businesses. Yes, it may seem like a tedious task to your staff, and some would even call it inaccurate and highly unproductive. However, research has shown that people want employee surveys for small businesses because it allows them to have a voice, even if it is an anonymous one.

How to Use Trending for Online Surveys Promotion

Online surveys promotion is one of the most difficult parts of being successful. You have to get people to take part in your surveys, and this will only work if you manage to reach them. One of the greatest ways to get involved in online surveys promotions is to use social media for trending. It is cost effective and it has been successfully used around the world so far, and here is why. Social media allows you to reach a target

5 Tips for Including Ethnography in Your Research

Ethnography reports are quite complicated to write. Luckily, when you research ethnography, things will quickly start to fall into place. Here are five tips to make sure you research ethnography the right way and get the best results. #1 – Audience First and foremost, you need to make sure that you understand who your target group or audience is. This will guide you when you research ethnography, because it will also determine what sort of language you use in your report afterwards. For...

Use Free Online Surveys to Carry Out Your Research

Research is, too often, seen as a simple search term on Google or Wikipedia. In fact, there is a lot more to research than that, and you could decide to use online surveys in order to do research the right way. However, before you start working on free online surveys, you need to understand what research is and how to use it to your benefit.