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    Allow for Easy Tracking by Distributing a Survey Through a Mail List

    Email surveys are effective for companies to enable them to gather feedback they need. Companies can take advantage of the opportunity of distributing a survey through a mail list. That can be achieved thanks to complete survey solutions software, to distribute surveys with ease and achieve easy tracking of these email surveys, to collect reliable data from respondents.

    Regardless of their scope, whether large or small businesses, companies have mail lists of their customers. These lists can be used not only for advertising. Companies can use them to distribute a survey through a mail list. Customers who have already used the company products and services can be contacted to provide their feedback. The only care that should be taken is not to shower the email addresses included in the lists with excessive amounts of advertisements or with excessive survey requests. Such excessive bothering can annoy and alienate customers who will not be willing to participate in further surveys.

    A number of companies nowadays use the facility of distributing a online through a mail list. They are aware that thus they can contact customers that are already familiar with the products or services of the company, and they can invite them to contribute their opinions and suggestions. The tracking of responses to surveys sent through a mail list is easy and convenient. Modern software developed for the purpose offers the advantage of enabling companies to distribute surveys through a mail list via built in mail list features, for bulk survey distribution. Afterwards, the results are automatically generated and can be conveniently viewed in different forms: charts, percentages, or raw data.

    The opportunities for easy tracking of results from surveys distributed through mail lists have led to the spreading popularity of this method among numerous companies conforming to the need for learning customers’ opinions.

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