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    Affordable Online Survey Software with Added Features

    Following on from our post about our Free Basic online survey account, we are now turning our focus to our Pro Account and the benefits of signing up. You need to send an online survey to gather data, you have identified your goals, started to design your survey and suddenly had a light bulb moment! This research is important, you need to generate responses quickly, then export and analyse the data to meet your stated objectives. So you ask yourself, “How can I get all the features I need and stay within my budget”?

    The SmartSurvey Pro Plan has been designed to provide users with a range of advanced survey features for a more personal budget. The plan allows users to carry out in-depth research, with responses instantly available for review and analysis. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by signing up to a Pro Plan. For a complete list, visit our features page:

    Benefits of a Pro Plan

    • Unlimited questions – free yourself from the constraints of a limited amount of questions. You have the ability to ask as many questions as you like to gather all the data you need. This, coupled with the skip logic feature, means you can design a comprehensive survey to get insightful data
    • Logic & Action features – use skip logic to direct respondents through specific paths depending on how they answer the previous question, with unlimited questions there is no limit to the number of paths you can create. Also use piping, survey scoring and survey response notifications
    • 1,500 responses per month – benefit from an additional 15 x more responses than the Basic Plan, generating more results
    • Custom theme/branding tool – build awareness, develop trust and increase loyalty with a fully branded survey
    • Advanced question types – utilise Net Promoter Score, Slider, Continuous Sum and Semantic Differential questions
    • Bulk Email – send your survey link with a customised email message
    • Export results – to Excel, CSV, PDF or Word

    How do I Upgrade my Account to Pro?

    It’s easy to upgrade your account at any time. If you currently have a Basic Account, simply login to your account and click on ‘Upgrade Now’. All account users can upgrade and downgrade at any time, there is no minimum contract. There is no need to contact us to downgrade your account as long as you cancel at least the day before your monthly payment is due. Your surveys and data you have collected will stay with your account when you downgrade, to be accessed later.

    online survey Online Survey Creation

    What Question Types are available with my Pro Account?

    Once signed up, our Pro Plan members have access to over 20 different questions types. Questions range from basic multiple choice to more advanced question types such as Net Promoter Score, Likert Rating Scale, Continuous Sum and Semantic Differential. Survey relevance can be increased by using survey logic, piping, question randomisation, scoring and skip logic, you can even securely receive an email each time the survey receives a new response. Once you have identified your survey objectives you can begin designing your survey. For some helpful pointers, read our blog on 7 Tips to help with your Questionnaire Design.

    How do I Collect Respondents?

    The Pro Plan provides you with access to a range of features that will ensure you can get your survey in front of your target audience. You will be able to reach your potential respondents quickly and easily by distributing your surveys via our bulk email tool. Or you can use a code, generated by the software, to embed a survey onto your website.  A survey link can be distributed via our social media share option so that you can instantly promote your survey on all social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. To keep track of where your responses have come from, you can create custom tracking links to easily separate the responses, allowing you to analyse the best method for generating responses.

    Can I Purchase Responses for my Online Survey?

    If you want to reach a specific survey audience, there is a quick and effective way to guarantee responses without having to spend time and resources tracking down contact email addresses. Consumer Panels allows you to purchase responses, selecting the audience criteria and the amount of responses you need for your research project. You can start receiving responses within hours and set a cut-off date for when you need all the responses by.

    How does it work?

    The process is straightforward and can be set up in a few easy steps:

    • Create your survey/questionnaire.
    • Access the Collect Page of your survey.
    • Click on Buy Responses.
    • An order form will open, allowing you to select your target audience criteria.

    online survey Live Consumer Panel

    • When you have selected your panel, click on Order Summary.
    • Check your order is correct, then click on Place Order.
    • A confirmation message will appear to say that your order is complete.
    • A new tracking link will have been created, containing an overview of your panel.

    How do I Create an Anonymous Survey?

    A Pro Account will allow you to create an Anonymous Survey which can be beneficial in many ways. There is some thinking that anonymous employee surveys carry as much decision-making weight as customer feedback surveys and concerns about patient privacy in the healthcare sector mean conducting unidentified surveys is essential. Anonymous surveys can provide;

    • A greater likelihood of honest answers
    • more reliable data
    • a higher response rate

    How To Set Up an Anonymous Survey:

    1. When you have created your survey, open up the survey settings. (Remember - Your survey must not contain any questions that ask the respondent for personal details)

    online survey Anonymous Survey Settings

    1. Select Features from the settings list
    2. Select the check-box next to Enable Anonymous Survey

    online survey Anonymous Survey Set Up

    1. Click ‘Save Changes’

    What if I Need Support?

    All our customers are important to us, no matter what plan you are on. To make sure you have the support you need to carry out your research, we provide help guides and step by step instruction articles. Our experienced, friendly team are on hand to provide email support and you can raise a support ticket from within your dashboard to directly reach our technical support team.

    Is my Data Secure?

    We take data security very seriously! All the data you collect is stored and backed up on our UK/EU-based servers. Data collected is owned by 'you' the user and will not be accessed or shared without your permission. This is a fundamental principle behind our philosophy of ensuring your data is safe and secure. Other providers may offer data storage in the UK, but will not offer assurances that the data will not be accessed from outside the UK/EU.

    SmartSurvey is ISO27001 certified and is registered under the Data Protection Act. To learn more about our security standards please visit our security page.

    How Much does it Cost?

    The SmartSurvey Pro Plan is billed at £25 month-to-month or £270 annually (a savings of £30). All prices are subject to VAT. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, there is no minimum contract (unless you sign up for one year). If you want to upgrade at any time, you can do this instantly from within your account.

    What if I Need More Features?

    With a SmartSurvey account, members can move to a different account at any time on a month by month basis. More advanced features are available in the Business and Enterprise Plans, take a look to see what is available, then contact our support team who would be happy to answer any questions.

    How do I Get Started?

    Start creating surveys straight away with our intuitive software. It’s easy to get started, simply sign up via the SmartSurvey pricing page, choose your plan and you are off and running!

    Increase insight & make informed decisions

    Create online surveys with our user-friendly yet advanced software.


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