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    A Short Guide to Making an Online Questionnaire

    First and foremost you need to know exactly what the objectives of your study and research are. You must be able to state these objectives by a phrase, question or a measurement to gain a success when making an online questionnaire.

    By having a clear objective of what you want to research and why, will ultimately gain you results and findings. However this will not be of benefit if you do not know what you will do with the results gained. Making an online questionnaire is still only one way of quantifying opinions and perspectives.

    It is always handy to have; right at the start of the process, a vision of what your collated information will look like at the end. By having a visual of the output report and knowledge of what information you will need, it will be easier to set specific and more direct questions throughout your online questionnaire.

    You questions must be placed into topics. In order to form your online questionnaire properly it is best to rank your topics in the order of importance, this way you get to fixate your energy on questions associated to the topics. Each question must be written with the intent to extract appropriate information. A disregarded ambiguous question must not be contained as it is no help to the final result.

    The most important and the most obvious tip for making an online questionnaire, is to keep the questions simple! You must keep your questions short, direct and easy to understand on a general basis. You must remember that this is aimed at the public majority, and if the questions and format are not basic you will have a higher drop-out rate on your online questionnaire.

    It is important to time how long it takes to complete the survey. If it takes longer than say fifteen minutes, it is difficult to predict whether the respondent will actually stick with it or simply disregard it. Online surveys must contain open ended and closed ended questions, this way you get to analyse the simple fifty/fifty data and then be represented with more in-depth opinions with an open ended.

    A handy tip would be to try the survey out on more than ten people before releasing it onto the web page. You must take this as a feedback survey and it is vitally important before you go ahead with your online questionnaire to gain credible feedback. Once this is done, it may be good to revise the questionnaire with any amendments, improvements or suggestions said at the trial survey.

    You must make sure that the online survey software you choose, has the best type of questions and features, for instance skip logic and page breaks. This will make your online questionnaire more user-friendly, smart, it eliminates the unnecessary questions, therefore eradicating the chances of survey drop-outs.

    Making an online questionnaire is an excellent way to gather information on a general scale; combined with the ability to direct a question to a specific audience. The information gained from these surveys is usually very worthwhile!

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