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    5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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    If you’re looking to add something extra to your customer satisfaction surveys, then here are five tips for you that we’ve put together based on our own experiences and feedback received from our clients.

    1: Keep things short and sweet

    Your customers’ time is precious and a long survey is very likely not to get completed, if started at all. So make sure you don’t ask too many questions and that each one is clear and simple to answer.

    2: Use skip logic to make a responsive survey.

    Sometimes, you’ll need to go into more detail, and that’s fine. Making sure that you only show questions to the appropriate respondents will help you get the insight you need without wasting the their time.

    3: Don’t ask questions for data you should already know

    If you already hold data about the respondents’ purchases, then you shouldn't need to ask for those details again in the survey. Use custom variables or contact list columns to populate this data for the respondent so they don't need to fill it in, delivering a better survey experience.

    4: Incorporate a Net Promoter® Score question

    Net Promoter Scores are a well-understood and popular customer satisfaction metric. Because they’re used by thousands of organisations around the world, respondents are used to seeing and answering this question, making responding easy and fast.

    5: Make use of text analysis.

    There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than the feeling their feedback isn’t being heard or acted on, or not being asked the right question to give the feedback they want to give. Having a comment box at the end of a survey allows respondents to get any other points across that they want to – and our text analysis feature makes it quick and easy to identify key points.

    If you’re just starting out with customer satisfaction surveys, we offer a selection of ready-made customer satisfaction survey templates to help you create your survey based on a tried and tested approach.

    NPS®, Net Promoter® & Net Promoter® Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.

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