5 Ways of Preventing Questionnaire Fatigue

It is important to prevent questionnaire fatigue. There is an overwhelming number of surveys which do not manage to collect useful data needed, because they have not managed to keep respondents interested, or they have caused questionnaire fatigue. In addition, this type of fatigue can lead to the skewing of survey results. For these reasons, it is really a must to be able to prevent questionnaire fatigue.

Rule number one to be observed to prevent questionnaire fatigue is not to overdo the surveying. Respondents should not be overloaded with surveys; close track should be kept of the surveys that the company is conducting. If respondents get requests for surveys from more than one company department on one day, that would be annoying and have a negative impact. When online questionnaires are sent frequently, setting up a schedule is essential to avoid asking the same respondent to do a survey every week, for example.

Rule number two to prevent questionnaire fatigue is effective communication with respondents. Respondents should be provided with background information in order to set their expectations: the purpose of the questionnaire, the expected length, the number of questions, the privacy policy of the company. Feedback during questionnaire filling is also a great addition to effective communication.

Rule number three is to make questionnaire answering as easy as possible; questionnaires should be as relevant as possible. Using skip logic and page jumping are the tools to use in order to eliminate questions that are not relevant to a respondent.

Rule number four is to ask the right questions. If survey designers feel certain questions are not needed, they should eliminate them.

Finally, to prevent questionnaire fatigue, survey designers should put themselves into their intended respondents’ shoes. That attitude is great to help make questionnaires as relevant and non- fatiguing as possible.

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