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5 Tips for Including Ethnography in Your Research

Ethnography reports are quite complicated to write. Luckily, when you research ethnography, things will quickly start to fall into place. Here are five tips to make sure you research ethnography the right way and get the best results.

#1 – Audience

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you understand who your target group or audience is. This will guide you when you research ethnography, because it will also determine what sort of language you use in your report afterwards. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to speak in the first person in your report, if your audience is informal and young.

#2 – Questionnaires

Next, you need to create the right online questionnaire, which is essential when you research ethnography. Without the right questionnaire, you will not be able to actually record what you are observing. Try to enlist the help of a specialist on the subject.

#3 – Introducing your Study

Next, when you research ethnography, you have to make sure that you introduce your work properly. Discuss what you want to achieve, which problems you have faced, which issues you feel your target group may have and what questions you wanted to have answered. Include the expert opinions in this introduction. If you have spoken to experts, but they have not provided an opinion on each question, you must add this to your introduction as well.

#4 – Methodology

The fourth tip is that you have to explain how you did your research. When did you collate your information, where and how? Did you have interviews or did you use online questionnaires or both? Explaining how you came to your results is vital.

#5 – Analyse

It is vital that you include analytical pages. This is where you will demonstrate relationships and where you can start building towards your conclusion, proving or disproving a theory and so on. Opinions on problems can also be included here.

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