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    5 Steps to Create Customer Service Surveys

    Last week we posted information on the reasons to use Customer Service Surveys. In this blog, we have compiled an easy to follow guide to demonstrate how to build a short customer focused survey. By surveying your customers, you will be able to measure satisfaction levels and identify any roadblocks that prevent customers making a repeat purchase or recommending you to others. Let’s get started…

    For this survey, we are going to gather feedback about products and services but you can choose to build any survey you need, check out our selection of pre-built questionnaires and sample surveys. The following example questionnaire is designed to let your customers provide instant feedback on product preferences and service quality, as well as additional comments and personal contact details. This will be useful for your marketing and sales team to send follow-up offers and product information.

    Getting Started

    • Login to your account or sign up for free
    • Click on ‘Create a Survey’
    • Select ‘Create a new survey’
    • Enter your survey title, select your chosen language and click ‘Start’
    • ‘Select Theme’ or ‘Skip to Design’

    Now we are ready to start designing our Customer Service surveys!

    5 Steps to Create Customer Service Surveys

    Step 1: Quality of Products

    We start with adding a Multiple Choice Question (Only One Answer) asking how often the customer uses the company. Respondents can choose from five different options but only select one. We then proceed to delve deeper, to find out what products are purchased regularly. For this, we have used a Single Text Box as the product range might be too big to use the multiple choice option. This open text option also helps to measure how well product names are recalled. The final question in this section measures customer satisfaction with products, ask for a rating via a Multiple Choice Question (Only One Answer). For this, you can type in our own Answer Choice or select a Pre-made list – Rating Satisfied.

    Customer Service Surveys Product Satisfaction Question

    Step 2:  Service and Environment

    Secondly, we gather more information, using multiple choice questions, on the ordering and delivery process. Simply, type in your chosen response options and select Multiple Choice (Only One Answer). You can select the Display Options of your choice.

    Customer Service Surveys Service Satisfaction Question

    Finally, in this section, we ask respondents to rate the service they received. To do this, select Matrix of Choices (Only One Answer per Row). You can type in your own column choices or select a pre-made list by clicking on the drop down arrow.

    Customer Service Surveys Service Rating Question

    Step 3:  Additional Comments

    We then ask respondents for any additional comments they would like to feedback to us. For this, we select Single Text Box, you can select the box size to allow respondents to enter as much information as you would like.

    Customer Service Surveys Customer Feedback

    Step 4:  Personal Details

    We ask customers for their contact details, using the Multiple Textboxes option. Piping can be used here to save time if you are contacting your customer via email, SMS or if the survey is embedded within their account on your website. This is a good opportunity to ask respondent’s to opt in to join your mailing list to receive news and offers on future products.

    Customer Service Surveys Customer Details

    Step 5:  Thank You Page

    You are nearly finished building your Customer Service questionnaire! But don’t forget to thank your customers for taking part in your survey. You can modify the text in your Thank You page as well as selecting the web page to redirect respondents to on completion of the survey.

    Customer Service Surveys Customer Service Thank You Page

    We hope this guide has been helpful in getting you started on building your own Customer Service Surveys. If you wanted to get going quickly, you can use one of our ready-made templates and simply edit the questions to suit your needs. For further information read our Tips for designing online questionnaires.

    If you have any questions, please send us an enquiry.

    Get started and create your first survey

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