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    5 Simple Ways to Improve Response Rates

    It is important to improve online questionnaire response rates. And the ways of achieving the goal are really simple, five rules to be observed.

    Rule number one is to target the correct audience. To accomplish that, a number of sources which can provide respondents should be considered, not only mailing lists, but also posting online questionnaires in web communities and newsgroups.

    Rule number two that helps to improve online questionnaire response rates is to offer respondents a simple first page of the questionnaire. There should be no extensive instructions on the first page. A brief introduction is enough. Respondents who choose to answer the online questionnaire may easily be discouraged by cluttered first pages and easily give up answering.

    Rule number three concerns the sending of online surveys via email. To improve online questionnaire response rates, authors should personalise the email invitations sent. Studies have shown that when respondents see personal salutation, the response rates augment by at least 5 percent.

    Rule number four that will help to improve online questionnaire response rates is to offer respondents incentives, such as gifts or prizes. It has been established that people do not need large incentives; they appreciate small tokens or gifts. They are grateful for the attention devoted to them, and as a result they feel they should answer the online questionnaire and help in return by offering their opinions and suggestions.

    Finally, there is a great rule to follow to enhance the confidence of respondents and improve questionnaire response rates. The publication of results after online questionnaires results are ready can make respondents even more eager to answer online questionnaires the next time. People are inspired with confidence that their opinions and suggestions have really been taken in consideration and will matter for the improvement of products and services.

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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