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    5 Effective Means for Distributing Online Surveys

    More and more organisations turn to distributing online surveys to question their employees and customers or service users. However, in order for the results to be effective and actionable, a large number of responses are needed. So how can you do this effectively? There are, in essence, five ways to do so.

    Online Survey Effective Distribution #1 – Communication

    Communication is the key to anything you want to endeavour. Your target audience must know the online questionnaire is available, why you are asking questions and what you intend to do with the results. Don’t forget to communicate your actions and results of these actions too.

    Online Survey Effective Distribution #2 – Availability

    Secondly, you have to ensure your questionnaire is always available. Because it is online, there should be no issues with making sure that it can be accessed 24 hours a day.

    Distributing Online Surveys Effectively #3 – Provision

    The provision of distributing online surveys should be everywhere. It should be on your company website and on the intranet. Even if you do not want your employees to respond, having it on the intranet will allow them to forward it to customers. You should also use social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the message.

    Online Survey Effective Distribution #4 – Accessibility

    The third issue is that besides it having to be available, it also has to be easy to access. If it is an online questionnaire, you must make sure that your audience has access to the internet. Do not presume that they can go online at home, but rather provide them with terminals on which they can complete it.

    Online Survey Effective Distribution #5 – A Word from Above

    You must ensure that senior management is fully on board before distributing online surveys. They should be the first to complete it, particularly if it is an internal survey. They should also constantly remind people to complete the questionnaire and be involved in all of the points above.

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