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    5 Advantages of Conducting Event Planning Surveys

    There are many huge advantages to conducting a good event planning survey. In fact, there are so many that they would be too many to list. Let’s take a look at the five main benefits of conducting event planning surveys.

    1. A good event planning survey allows you to monitor your event before, during and after it takes place. This means you can learn important points on what you did right and what could be improved for future events at each of the stages.

    2. Event planning surveys make it possible to link into rsvp’s, which means you know who will and will not be coming to the event. You can also include issues such as special dietary requirements, if lunch is provided at your event.

    3. You can use event planning surveys for any type of event, including conferences, weddings, parties, networking meetings, seminars, music concerts, community events and so on.

    4. It is reasonably easy to create an event planning survey, so long as you are clear on what you want to know, how much you are able to spend and when you need your results by at each phase.

    5. Running an event planning survey means you show attendants that you care about their opinion and that you want to listen to any suggestions they may have. This will encourage them to return to future events if applicable as well.

    An event planning survey is all about communication for improvement. Events are situations in which a lot of things can go wrong and the more often you run them and receive feedback, the better they will become. This means that through online surveys, not only will you be able to build the networking relationship with people, you will also make sure that their experience is better than it has ever been before.

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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