How Survey Templates Can Save Valuable Time

Creating surveys is certainly a time-intensive task. However, a survey template can be very handy to get you started quickly when you’re creating an online survey. It’s like a pre-built survey, ready to be modified, edited or customised as per the needs. It can significantly simplify the process of formatting and designing the survey. As a result, it’s far easier than creating an online survey from scratch, and hence, it’s a much better and time-saving option. (more…)

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Listen to Your Workforce Through Employee Surveys

A great way to improve efficiency, performance, and satisfaction in the workplace, is by listening to your employees; one way that a business might opt to do this, is via employee surveys. Not only can you ask open and closed ended questions, but with multiple choice questions, you can also find out what most employees are thinking, with a simple answer.

Find out what has to change

Open ended questions, where you allow employees to add their own response, is a great way to find out what they think about the workplace, policies, superiors, and co workers. Not only do they have the opportunity to give their opinion, and to let the business know what is being done right (and wrong), it also allows them to provide suggestions, where things can change, for a more “employee friendly” workplace. (more…)

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Improve Response Rates with an Online Questionnaire

When conducting any online questionnaire, you have to consider many factors in facilitating the collection of reliable and quality data. Knowing your sample population is not enough. On the contrary, your online questionnaire design needs to give you relevant and reliable facts that you can use in decision making. Giving out poorly designed questionnaires to an audience that does not know you will lead to low response rates. In addition, even a well designed survey may fail to attract the required level and quality of responses on which to base decisions. There is need to improve your response rates with an online questionnaire if the objective of your research is to be realised. (more…)

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