Improve Your Survey Response Rates by Using Skip Logic

Getting a high survey response rate for surveys is critical in establishing a conclusive and reliable outcome. There are numerous factors and techniques to include when designing a questionnaire to improve the survey response rate. One of the best techniques available is the Skip Logic tool.

What is Skip Logic?
Skip Logic works by directing respondents through different, separate paths, based on their answers to previous questions or page logic. The tool can only be applied to different question types within a survey. The system only allows a one direction answer route. Skip logic allows respondents to skip to specific questions on other pages. This leads to personalised test answers and conclusive results, relating to individual responses. By skipping from question to question, surveyors can decide when to stop the survey, where to stop it and the final number of questions, based on typical responses. (more…)

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Survey Planning and Why it’s Important

Surveys are one of the best methods of learning what consumers really think about a product or service. Therefore as a business owner or survey developer, it is very important that a period of time is set aside for survey planning; what to ask in the online survey, who the target audience is, and so forth. There are many reasons it is important to properly plan and develop a survey before it is administered; below are several of those reasons, and why it is important to plan, before submitting survey questions to your target survey response group. (more…)

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Satisfaction Questionnaires

A customer is the most important entity in a business and their satisfaction plays an important role in promoting your business. Good services to customers are the lifeline in any business. With every customer who is satisfied, your business will likely win many more customers by either recommendations or referrals from the happy and satisfied customers. If you don’t take good care of your customers your competitors certainly will. Before you compile a list of satisfaction questions you should consider the objectives of the survey.

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