How To Enhance Response Rates – 10 Proven Ways

Survey data is an essential part of decision-making. It is important that you send surveys from time to time to acquire information from key people – it could be your members of staff, suppliers or the public.
The information collected is useful in drawing projections and calculation of statistical probabilities before making any major choices. On the flip side, though, if online surveys are not used in a wise and strategic manner; they may fetch low response rates.

In reality, people have little time to spare which means you have to go out of your way to lure them into your survey platform. Remember you want them to not only respond to your questions but to do so diligently and appropriately. Here’s what it takes to enhance response rates. (more…)

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The Importance of Creating Questionnaire Welcome Pages and Introductions

An engaging and informative introduction page is one of the most crucial aspects of questionnaire design, yet often one of the most neglected. A quality introduction is often the deciding factor in whether a participant goes on to complete the questionnaire or clicks off to another website.

Just as you would greet a customer who comes through the door of your store, the introductory page should be clear and welcoming if you want to encourage maximum participation and avoid abandoned or partial responses. The purpose of an introductory or questionnaire welcome page is two-fold – firstly it should answer any questions the participant may have about the nature and format of the online questionnaire, and secondly it should drive the call to action, which in this case is completion of the survey. (more…)

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Top 5 Best Practices for Social Media Surveys

Social media is perhaps the most used and effective media available to people today, and for those who can use if effectively, there can be nothing better than social media to reach out to people. This is especially true in cases of businesses that have just started out and are yet to make a name for them. Using social media surveys, business owners can interact with many kinds of people, which can include existing and potential customers, not to mention the general audience who might just want to know about you and your product or company. It goes without saying that the greater the number of people who get to know you, the better your chances of increasing business and becoming famous. Of course, the question of whether you will actually be able to attract new customers who will do business with you depends on how you deal with them, but using social media could be the first step you take towards achieving success. (more…)

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