10 Tips For Designing An Online Questionnaire

Creating a top-notch online questionnaire that will deliver the expected results is certainly not easy. Designing an online questionnaire is a time-effective and cost-effective way to collect opinions and feedback from consumers – the more detailed and accurate the online questionnaire, the better. Marketing and advertising agencies rely heavily on these questionnaires, and they help them gather precious, unbiased information that will not only increase productivity, but will also be of great help during future marketing campaigns. Here are 10 tips for designing an online questionnaire: (more…)

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Making Your Online Surveys Mobile Friendly

Using online surveys as a functional element of your business is a great way to actively engage with customers, and ask them questions whose answers can serve to significantly help with refining your business into becoming much more efficient and responsive to the needs and wants of your customers. With the world becoming so rapidly dependent on the technology of smart phones and other high tech mobile devices, increasingly it makes a lot of sense to format your online surveys so that they will also be compatible with mobile devices. This will allow for both stationary and mobile internet users to easily have access to your survey, no matter where or from what technology they are browsing the internet with. This creates levels of exposure for online surveys that are going to be much more substantive in terms of the results produced by these surveys. For the purpose of providing reasons about why making online surveys mobile friendly is such an effective decision to make, some additional information about doing so will now be presented. (more…)

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10 Things to Consider When Creating Online Surveys

Online surveys can be created using numerous methodologies. There are however some very important things that must be considered if you want to create a high quality online survey. Below are 10 things that must be considered when creating online surveys.

1. Method of data collection: This is the first consideration that has to be made when creating online surveys. Data in online surveys can be collected in numerous ways i.e. online questionnaires, online interviews e.t.c. You must find an appropriate data collection method that suits your survey first to be able to create an effective online survey. (more…)

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The Benefits of Adding a Comments Box to Your Survey Design

Within your survey design, you should use the option of including a survey comment box. Some people would only add one at the end of the survey, but you can include them after each section, or even after each question. Do, however, make it clear that your respondents are under no obligation to enter anything in the survey comment box.

The benefits are huge. Very often, people feel somewhat restricted by ranking and rating scales or multiple choice options. Sometimes they give an answer to a specific situation, when the question is actually more general. (more…)

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Interpreting Data Trends for Your Questionnaire

If you have created a questionnaire, interpreting data trends will soon be the next step. In fact, most would say that this is the most exciting and important step of all. After you have rolled out your online questionnaire, interpreting data trends is what will allow you to find the trends that you were hoping to find – or those that you never expected. It is now that you will start to see all the important relationships that you needed to move towards making better decisions on a strategic level. (more…)

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Online Questionnaires; the Importance of Welcome Pages

It is very important to get an online questionnaire welcome page right. It has been said for a very long time that a very common way of losing customers is by completely ignoring them. An online questionnaire welcome page tells your customer that you are addressing them personally.

Also, by using a good welcome page, you will tell your respondents exactly what to expect. If you offer incentives, this is the place to mention them. Tell them how long it will take them to respond to the questions, how many questions there are and what your privacy policy is. (more…)

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How Long Should a Survey be?

Getting the online survey length just right is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in market research. There are a number of problems with online surveys that you will come across again and again, some of which have been caused by the early days of questionnaires, for which you are now paying the price.

In terms of online survey length, making surveys too long is a huge problem. People lose interest and either do not complete the questionnaire or they only answer truthfully for the first half or so. (more…)

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