Get Inside Your Customers’ Minds Through Online Satisfaction Surveys

Have you ever wanted to know what your customers’ opinion of you really is? Do you want to make sure that the reviews they leave you are amazing? Would you like to increase your social networking presence? Online satisfaction surveys can help you to find out just what goes on in your customers’ minds. Knowing this allows you to make sure everybody within your organisation is singing from the same hymn sheet as well, thereby further improving the image your company portrays.

Through online satisfaction surveys, you will be able to analyse and understand just what sort of factors will help you to build better and stronger relationships, have higher sales and increase your customer loyalty. Furthermore, it empowers you to set strategic goals for your company. The top and bottom of it is that online satisfaction surveys help you increase the good reputation your company has and grow your enterprise. (more…)

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Create an Online Patient Satisfaction Survey to Measure Patient Experience

Customer satisfaction surveys are indispensable tools for modern businesses to help gauge their level of products or services. An online patient satisfaction survey is also gaining increasing importance, as it can help physicians improve their practices by means of learning patients’ opinions and suggestions. The result is improved health care, happier patients and more satisfied physicians who are now confident they deliver adequate services and know what their patients expect, along with professional medical examinations and treatment.

An online patient satisfaction survey is not just a convenience for patients who can fill it whenever they have the time. It is also a tool which, in addition to yielding valuable information and feedback on their professional activities, also shows to physicians’ staff and to the whole community the genuine concern regarding the quality of the medical services delivered. To build successful practices, physicians should demonstrate they are constantly striving to improve and meet enhanced needs on part of patients, and an online patient satisfaction survey is the right vehicle to express and implement that strife for improvement.


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Avoid Spammy Subject Titles When Distributing Email Surveys

When you are sending out a email surveys via social media or email, you must avoid spammy subject titles. With spammy subject titles, your message will go straight to a spam box and will not even be seen by your respondents. In the worst case scenario, your email surveys may even get reported, which could lead to potential problems.

There are three main tips to follow to ensure your email surveys will not end up in someone’s spam inbox or gets reported. These are: (more…)

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10 Tips to Consider When Selecting a Specific Survey Demographic

An effective online questionnaire is as much about the survey demographic as it is about asking the right questions. You may want to select specific demographic responses, or perhaps you want to subdivide the responses you have received according to their demographics. Here are 10 tips to get your survey demographic details right.

1. Know what you want – there is no point asking men about their opinion on how a female hygiene product works on them.

2. Understand how to select specific demographic details. Think gender, age, ethnic origin, location, sexuality, religion and so on. (more…)

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10 Tips for Writing Effective Survey Questions

Here are 10 ways to write the most effective survey questions and ensure you get the best data from your survey:

1. Effective survey questions are simple and direct, so that the respondents do not get confused or stuck on a question. Only one interpretation should be possible.

2. Never use a colloquialism or a nuance. This leaves too much room for error. Hence, rather than using “frequently”, use “daily”. (more…)

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When to Use Cross Tabulation for Analysing Data

Cross tabulation for analysing data is very important, but only if done the right way and at the right time. Essentially, it measures how different variables related to each other. Each variable has data recorded in a specific table or matrix, and this then compared. Usually, cross tabulation for analysing data involves counting how often certain variables occur, which is known as the frequency.

Cross tabulation for analysing data only works with quantitative data. It makes it far easier to manage the data, since it becomes structured. The tables in which the data is stored are known as contingency tables, which measure how likely it is for a specific relationship to exist. (more…)

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10 Reasons to Conduct an Online Questionnaire

It is likely that you have heard of online surveys, but you have ever wondered why you should conduct an online questionnaire yourself? Here are 10 reasons as to why it is a great idea.

1. It is easy to conduct an online questionnaire. There is no need for you to spend hours designing templates and going over each and every question, because the templates will all be provided to you and you can customise them too.

2. It is a very cheap option, both in terms of setting up the questionnaire as well as the resources you require to roll it out. No need for expensive printing or postage and packaging costs and no need for a full time member of staff to enter all the data that is received. (more…)

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SmartSurvey New Release 2013


Welcome to our SmartSurvey Blog. Here you can find useful information about SmartSurvey updates, bug fixes and major upcoming releases. This blog also contains very useful survey related articles which you should find useful.

Release Notes

We have been hard at work designing and developing new features on SmartSurvey, we wanted to make your experience much more enjoyable by making it easier and less time consuming when conducting online surveys.

So we have listed below all the major and minor improvements that we have added to the new version of Smart Survey, these are listed in no particular order.

Please note: Some features mentioned below are only available on the Professional and Corporate Accounts and not on the free version. (more…)

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When to Use Ranking Questions and Rating Questions

Too many people use ranking questions and rating questions as if they are one and the same thing. This is quite a serious error, since they are very different. Understanding the difference will also allow you to better grasp when to use each type of question.

Rating Questions

With rating survey questions, a person is asked to compare two separate parts. Usually, they have to do this on a scale of one to 10, although others prefer one to five or actual terms (very important, important, somewhat important, neutral, somewhat not important, not important, completely not important). Different things can be measured with these questions, such as how happy people are with a service, value for money, staff presentation and so on. (more…)

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Gather Valuable Data with Customer Feedback Questionnaires

Never underestimate the value of customer feedback questionnaires. These questionnaires can provide you with all the information you need in terms of providing a fantastic service, an amazing product and outstanding customer liaison. Best of all, customer surveys data can even help you to improve your levels of employee engagement, as it shows your staff where they shine and where there are areas for improvement. Any changes that are made as a result of a customer feedback questionnaire are then owned and there is clear accountability. This is very different from yet another management or HR buzzword. (more…)

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