The Benefits of Including Ratings Scales in Satisfaction Surveys

In customer satisfaction surveys which are important tools for companies to assess how successful they are with customers, rating scales are included to measure satisfaction in a more precise manner. There are different rating scales; they all have their appropriateness in different circumstances, with respect to different products or services. Three, five, seven, ten, or even eleven point rating scales are used by different companies to measure aspects of customer satisfaction.

The three item rating scale is beneficial when less visual space is needed. With three options to choose from, there is enough robustness to capture data and still retain the visual appeal of customer satisfaction surveys. (more…)

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The Benefits of Conducting Surveys Through Social Network Sites

Social media has changed the online community not only because it provide fascinating opportunities for communication, but also because it enables companies in conducting surveys through social network sites. The advantages of survey conducting are obvious – the social sites are a space with lasting visits, which provides enough time for companies to attract the attention of social media users and conduct surveys through social network sites.

Companies which choose the social network sites rely on ads to attract the attention of users of each site. With media such as Facebook, there is a self-service model to be used for displaying ads. Companies which choose conducting surveys through social network sites form ads as invitations to people who are on the media space.


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What Makes a Good Online Questionnaire

A great online questionnaire design is crucial to leading respondents to answer the questions in it and thus provide the data needed. The question of what makes a good online questionnaire is often discussed to help enhance the efficiency of questionnaires used online to gather feedback and information.

The first feature that makes a good online questionnaire is that it should focus on action, and the aim should be to improve the performance in the first place.

The second feature, or rather approach to help develop good online questionnaires is to start not from the beginning, by composing the questionnaire, but from the end, that is, by considering the results that researchers want to obtain and have them all seen by people across the organisation. (more…)

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Tips on Asking Survey Respondents to Answer Tough Questions

Survey respondents are discouraged when they have to answer tough questions in surveys. The goals of surveys comprise the eliciting of information from people, and the more sincere and open the respondents are, the more reliable the information is. On the other hand, especially when conducting employee satisfaction surveys, difficult questions are more eagerly welcomed by respondents than when they are asked such questions in real time in the workplace. To encourage respondents to answer tough questions with sincerity and without shrinking in repulsion, surveys are a great tool.

A crucial tip for encouraging respondents to answer tough questions is to provide anonymity. Allowing anonymous answers is a simple but extremely effective method of encouraging survey respondents to go on and reply to tough questions. When people are not afraid of repercussions, they are not daunted by having to reply to tough questions. (more…)

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The Online Survey Check List

Before surveys are launched online, it is essential to perform a thorough check of the essential features, in order to be certain that possible mistakes are eliminated. An online survey check list contains the essential goals and items of the survey where checking should be made. The online survey checking list can be prepared specifically for the survey, but there are some general areas to be checked with all surveys.

In the first place, the purpose of an online questionnaire should be very clear. It should be easy for respondents to identify, so they could feel more confidence they are contributing to valuable work. (more…)

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The Benefits of Conducting Online Questionnaires

The benefits of conducting online questionnaires are well known, and they are the reason why they are a favorite tool of obtaining feedback from customers. They are suitable for collecting data quickly and in large volumes, at low costs. The data collected by means of online questionnaires can be analysed continuously and thus increase analysis speed and accuracy. They are also easy and fast to update during their pilot phase.

Costs savings are another benefit of online questionnaire software offered online. The costs are much lower than the costs of questionnaires associated with surveys on the site – there are no expenses for paper, phone conversations, postage, or printing. What is even more important, the expenses for venue renting, travel expenses and time are saved by means of conducting online questionnaires. (more…)

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The Advantages of Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Online surveys conducted to find out customer satisfaction are increasingly important for modern businesses and companies. Nowadays online customer satisfaction surveys are inextricably linked to business practices, marketing programs as well as other initiatives aimed at accomplishing customer engagement.

A customer satisfaction survey has a number of advantages that contemporary companies recognise, advantages that have been proved in the course of time. Customer satisfaction surveys are not only tools of inviting customers to express their opinion, they are also opportunities to invite customers to learn new information about companies, such as innovations or changes, and vehicles of establishing customers’ viewpoints. (more…)

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Successful Online Surveys: Quality not Quantity

With successful online surveys, the data obtained are reliable, and the feedback is efficient. Because too long surveys can bore respondents and they can decide to give up filling their answers, composing well written, concise surveys is the best policy for success. In successful online surveys, quality of questions included is the main goal rather than quantity. Research has shown that when surveys include a lot of heavy text, respondents tend to give up, so survey completion rate drops. Conversely, with short and succinct online-surveys, people have the willingness to complete all the questions until the end.

To write brief surveys, concise and sufficiently detailed at the same time, is not difficult. When they are composed, authors should focus on the essential information they need to obtain. Questions in successful online surveys should only be asked if the answers to them will provide the needed data. (more…)

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Questions You Shouldn’t Include in a Survey

Online surveys are extremely popular marketing tools to obtain feedback on their products or services. But there can be psychological harm caused to some respondents, so there are recommendations to provide respondents with the possibility to skip an online survey question or questions or to withdraw from the survey they are filling. This is a possibility which guarantees high quality data, as bored or offended respondents can complete false replies.

Each online survey question is aimed to ask for specific important information. But there can be sections of respondents, such as vulnerable populations, or groups sensitive to specific topics, so when designing online surveys, online survey question content should be assessed to avoid causing embarrassment or offending some respondents. This is especially valid for questions which can hurt certain groups religious beliefs, or questions which can be interpreted as sexual discrimination.


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How Your Survey Design Affects Feedback

Nowadays online surveys are an efficient means of gathering data on customers’ opinions and recommendations. Online Questionnaire feedback is essential for modern companies who need to constantly improve in order to stay competitive. To obtain reliable survey feedback, companies need to have good survey design.

To ensure the choice of appropriate survey design, the first step should be to identify the purpose of the survey as clearly as possible, as well as the research details to be used to attain that purpose. That is why the stage of developing a survey proposal on part of survey authors helps to explain not only the purpose, but also other important data, such as the survey questions, the sampling method, etc. Then the proposal should be reviewed in order to make any changes as appropriate. Peer reviewing, as well as reviewing by supervisors, are recommended. (more…)

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