Customise Your Survey Themes for Better Response Rates

In modern surveys, which are prime tools for learning customers’ opinions and attitudes, the design of questions and the selection of custom survey themes to pave the way for better response rates. Well designed custom themes included in surveys fit well with specific products or brands, and the responses by people taking surveys are very well directed by the creation of the necessary ambience.

Nowadays themes are a feature of design which lends attractiveness and specificity to a number of products. Custom online questionnaire themes are especially suitable for surveys, as they add a new appeal to the set of questions by engaging respondents not only to read and answer but also delight in the custom design of the specific survey theme. (more…)

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Email Subject Lines To Avoid Using When Distributing Online Surveys

Distributing online surveys are the predominant form of surveys for fast and rewarding response rates. They are often sent via email, as the most convenient manner of contacting respondents who can open email messages containing online surveys whenever they have the time and respond at leisure.

To be certain that respondents will decide to open online survey messages sent via email, survey authors and the teams distributing online surveys by electronic mail should carefully compose the subject lines. When inappropriately composed email subject lines are used, email sending systems can flag them so they may end in the spam folders and not reach the addressees. (more…)

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10 Tips to consider when designing a survey

Efficiently designing a survey is the certain prerequisite for obtaining good quality responses. Nowadays online survey types are predominant as tools for assessing the opinions of vast numbers of respondents. There are key principles to be observed in the design of a successful online survey, as there are pitfalls which can ruin the success of surveys.

1. Designing a survey to be launched online should start with the identification of the objectives to be reached. Making a list of the information sought to be obtained from respondents is helpful, as it can serve as the plan for the designing of an online survey. (more…)

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The Importance of Collecting Patient Feedback

The importance of collecting patient feedback is evident – it helps physicians to learn patients’ satisfaction, obtain suggestions about improving their service. With the aid of well designed surveys collecting patient feedback turns into an effective tool for improving physicians’ practice.

The benefits of patient satisfaction surveys comprise above all the identification of ways in which physicians’ practice can be improved. With improvements introduced to meet patients’ expectations and needs, the results are better care and satisfied patients. Furthermore, patient satisfaction surveys and collecting patient feedback show physicians’ staff as well as the entire community that they care for the quality of their service and look for ways to introduce improvements which are needed and expected. Thus physicians can raise their scores and stay competitive. These benefits are all indicative of the importance of patient feedback collection. (more…)

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Gauge Satisfaction With Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires

In today’s business climate, phenomena such as customer satisfaction questionnaires are frequent occurrences as companies strive to gauge how satisfied customers are with their products or services. Gauging customer satisfaction is essential for assessing customer loyalty and learning what should be improved, in order to enhance that loyalty, by achieving greater satisfaction after improving areas in need of changes for the better.

There are two popular manners of attracting customers to complete customer satisfaction questionnaires. One of them is by including questionnaire codes and website addresses in sales receipts. Another equally popular method is by taking down customers’ email addresses when they make their purchases. Offering incentives to customers for giving their email addresses and for completing online questionnaires is a rewarding policy which attracts more customers and hence helps to gauge customer satisfaction on a wider scale. (more…)

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