What Online Surveys Can do for Your Business

The importance of online surveys is realised by modern companies as they are instrumental in delivering great results for their business. Online surveys are part of market research which is indispensable prior to launching new products and services. The process of design, manufacturing, etc. of new products involves large amounts of funds, and before engaging in the design and manufacturing stage companies should study prospective customers’ reactions to them in order to assess whether such new introductions are likely to enhance their business.

In online surveys the data are collected in two stages. Interestingly, the secondary research stage is the first one, and in it existing sources are analysed to find out information on products a specific company intends to manufacture and sell, and also on the current market existing for the products. The mass media, mostly newspapers and magazines, as well as statistics or white papers by experts, can be used for secondary research. Then comes the turn of the primary research stage. This research involves the information yielded by online surveys related to respondents’ interest in such products which are filled by focus groups. (more…)

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