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10 Tips to Consider When Selecting a Specific Survey Demographic

An effective online questionnaire is as much about the survey demographic as it is about asking the right questions. You may want to select specific demographic responses, or perhaps you want to subdivide the responses you have received according to their demographics. Here are 10 tips to get your survey demographic details right.

1. Know what you want – there is no point asking men about their opinion on how a female hygiene product works on them.

2. Understand how to select specific demographic details. Think gender, age, ethnic origin, location, sexuality, religion and so on.

3. When you devise your survey demographic, make sure it is inclusive and that you have the opportunity to sort later. It is better to have too many responses and filter them than to miss a certain type of person.

4. Have questions that demonstrate which survey demographic someone is part of. If you only want to know the responses of a certain age group, you must have a section in which they indicate the age category.

5. When you select specific demographic details, you must also think about geographic locations. Are you doing a global poll, national poll, regional poll or domestic poll?

6. Try to match your survey demographics with those of the recent census. All relevant demographic details have been collected by the, so you may as well use what people know.

7. Demographics are a specific field of work, don’t draw conclusions based solely on perceived correlations within them.

8. Make sure you keep equality and diversity in mind and don’t discriminate against people of a certain demographic.

9. Keep your language in the tone you would expect your target group to understand. Don’t use complicated jargon if you ask questions of young people still in school.

10. Understand why the demographics are important to you – what added value doe they actually bring to your online survey?

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