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    10 Reasons Why Your Online Questionnaires Might Be Unsuccessful

    Although online questionnaires are generally the best way to measure customer data on both quantitative and qualitative levels, there are many situations in which an unsuccessful questionnaire can occur. Let’s take a look at the 10 most common reasons for an unsuccessful questionnaire to happen.

    1. The respondents to online questionnaires do not create a representative sample. This is mainly due to online demographics.

    2. Online questionnaires can freeze or crash during its usage, which would lead people to abandon answering it.

    3. An unsuccessful questionnaire often provides error messages, something that has the potential to confuse people so they stop working with it.

    4. It is possible that a single person replies to the same online questionnaires multiple times, which would invalidate the responses.

    5. More often than not, an unsuccessful questionnaire has poorly formulated questions, which means the responses are either not given at all, or selected at random rather than honestly.

    6. It is hard to determine whether a person that replies to an online questionnaire is actually who they say they are, which means that the data may always be questionable. This is particularly true with surveys that are not limited to a workplace or other closed group of people.

    7. It is possible that the questionnaire is poorly advertised, which would lead to a below acceptable number of replies.

    8. online surveys that have not been properly proofread can lower confidence in those who reply to it.

    9. Should a situation occur in which it is not clear why certain questions are being asked, people will be less interested in answering it.

    10. With workplace surveys in particular it is common for staff to feel the effort they will have to put in is based only on a new HR or management buzzword.

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