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    10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Online Survey Design

    Online survey design is an important factor for the appeal of online surveys online. Novices in the field of designing surveys would benefit from a list of quick tips they can apply to enhance the efficiency of their surveys and attract respondents to submit their opinions.

    The first tip to follow is to start with the planning. In online survey design, like in all other projects, planning is vital. The planning should take into consideration the key objectives of the specific online survey, and also whether the information to be obtained will be used in critical decision making for the specific business. It is also important to establish whether other employees within the organisation or company have already performed similar surveys.

    Then it is time to determine the target audience, as the next stage of online survey design.

    Another consideration to be discussed is whether the specific survey will be likely to be /offered again, or whether it will be required in order to benchmark subsequent performances.

    There are also a number of other staples that have to be considered in the course of online survey design. They comprise the need for consultancy on part of research agencies experienced in survey design; incentives – great motivators for respondents which contribute to their willingness to take surveys; invitations are also of special importance in online survey design. The sample size is an issue to be considered in the design of online surveys, to ensure the obtention of large enough samples.

    The analysis should be considered separately, to determine what kind of reporting of results should be required; that can help in the focusing of survey questions.

    The planning of the online survey format and the testing of the ready survey are also factors that complement the list of ten tips provided on survey design.

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