Net Promoter® Score – New Question Type on SmartSurvey

We recently rolled out an update to SmartSurvey to add the functionality to quickly create surveys using the Net Promoter Score question.

You can find a more in-depth explanation of what net promoter scores are on our dedicated page, but just to briefly recap, It’s a measure of how happy your customers are with your business, based on the answer to a single question, asking how likely your customers are to recommend you to friends or colleagues, then distilling the responses into a single score between -100 and 100.

Using Net Promoter Score with SmartSurvey.

Adding Net Promoter Score to your surveys is quick and simple, as the question appears as one of the standard question types in the drop-down when creating a new question for your survey. A couple of clicks is all it takes, and you’re done.

So what do I actually do with them?

You can make a pretty powerful, but also quick, customer satisfaction survey, by simply using the net promoter question, followed up by a “why” and a text box – because fundamentally the answers to those two questions tell you if customers are truly satisfied, and what the reason for that is, allowing you to put those two pieces of information into use to identify what it is about your business that may be making users unhappy.

In fact, what we’re doing here is treading on a lot of ground we covered in the post “Creating valuable customer satisfaction surveys”, so we won’t go over the whole thing again, rather look at what you do with the data you’ve got.

Interpreting the score.

So, it’s all very well having this number to look at, but what does it actually mean? At the extremes, it’s pretty easy. 100 means all your customers love you, and are probably singing your praises to their friends. -100 means you have a serious problem, because your customers are coming away from contact with you so soured they’re complaining about you. But what about in the middle?

Well, as a rule of thumb, the most successful companies, the ones growing fastest, tend to score around 50-80. However, this is where it gets harder because it’s not so much the absolute score that matters, more how your score compares to others in your industry – a number that looks high is still an issue if it’s lower than all your competitors. Benchmark reports are available from Satmetrix.

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How Survey Templates Can Save Valuable Time

Creating surveys is certainly a time-intensive task. However, a survey template can be very handy to get you started quickly when you’re creating an online survey. It’s like a pre-built survey, ready to be modified, edited or customised as per the needs. It can significantly simplify the process of formatting and designing the survey. As a result, it’s far easier than creating an online survey from scratch, and hence, it’s a much better and time-saving option. (more…)

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Listen to Your Workforce Through Employee Surveys

A great way to improve efficiency, performance, and satisfaction in the workplace, is by listening to your employees; one way that a business might opt to do this, is via employee surveys. Not only can you ask open and closed ended questions, but with multiple choice questions, you can also find out what most employees are thinking, with a simple answer.

Find out what has to change

Open ended questions, where you allow employees to add their own response, is a great way to find out what they think about the workplace, policies, superiors, and co workers. Not only do they have the opportunity to give their opinion, and to let the business know what is being done right (and wrong), it also allows them to provide suggestions, where things can change, for a more “employee friendly” workplace. (more…)

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Improve Response Rates with an Online Questionnaire

When conducting any online questionnaire, you have to consider many factors in facilitating the collection of reliable and quality data. Knowing your sample population is not enough. On the contrary, you need to design an interesting questionnaire that gives relevant and reliable facts that you can use in decision making. Giving out poorly designed questionnaires to an audience that does not know you will lead to low response rates. In addition, even a well designed survey may fail to attract the required level and quality of responses on which to base decisions. There is need to improve your response rates with an online questionnaire if the objective of your research is to be realised. (more…)

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How to Create a Survey for Your Market Research

When it comes to market research, it is important to use surveys, and ask questions to your possible customers, to know what they want in a product. Depending on who your target audience is, what kind of product or services your business sells, and what information you would like to get from your target audience, are all factors that will influence the content and questions which are going to be asked, in the surveys that you create.

Determine the extent of the survey

The first step is to define the boundaries of the survey. The size of your market respondents, the demographics, and the type of questions all have to be decided before you create a survey. You also have to determine which aspects of the market you want to investigate, and find out where the best location is to reach that specific audience. Sometimes mailing out surveys works best, with other respondents it might be better to do an online research study; determine all of these factors before you hand the survey out. (more…)

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How To Successfully Create An Online Survey

An online survey is an effective and economical tool for getting valuable inputs, feedback and insights that can help shape the direction of your business. How well a survey is designed and how much participation it gets decides the quality of the information that it provides. Knowing how to successfully create an online survey is, therefore, an essential requirement. Here are some tips that will help you create effective and useful surveys. (more…)

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Improve Business by Creating a Satisfaction Survey!

Did you know that you can improve your business by creating a satisfaction survey, which gives you deeper insights into your customers’ needs and desires which, in turn, allows you to create a better and more profitable customer experience? The good news is that it is now easier to do this than ever before thanks to powerful online software such as SmartSurvey which takes care of all the vital components of accumulating customer data so you can put it on autopilot.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your business by creating a satisfaction survey: (more…)

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Create a Free Survey for Research in Six Easy Steps

The Internet has revolutionised the way that surveys are used for research. In the past, creating a survey usually required a significant investment in both time and money. However with the introduction of free online research survey providers these barriers no longer exist. Creating a free online survey allows you to quickly collect timely research data from respondents across the globe. These popular free survey tools are now being used by academic researchers, marketers, businesses and non profit organisations.

While there is a wide range of free online survey tools, most follow a similar format for creating a basic free survey. Read on and find the six basic steps to creating a free survey for your research. (more…)

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10 Features to Look for in a Survey Tool

When it comes to creating surveys for respondents, whether it is for the workplace, or a general topic survey, you have to use the right survey tools to help you create these surveys. When deciding on the survey tool to use, it is important to find one that has a variety of features, to help you create a diverse series of questions, and the ideal survey for your respondent; these are some of the many features to look for. (more…)

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